Free of Charge - TERA Rising

For our next video livestream replay dedicated to free-to-play games, GameSpot's Jonathan and Randolph explores The Exiled Realm of Arboria, recently revamped in early February. Warning: video may include dancing raccoons and donut golems.

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    Who needs to pay for video games these days? Not you! Join Jonathan and Randy as they play through and assess a variety of free-to-play games!

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    Tried it, pretty dull run of the mill experience. If you are looking for the next big thing, this isn't it. Same old slow paced combat with tired mechanics and tedious bog standard quests.


    just for combat alone this game is worth playing

    its true that all assets are on display more less lol

    the game is still great the road to 60 was very enjoyable, do yourself a favor and roll on pvp server with a friend or two

    here is how it will go more less:


    Ironic that this is shown on Gamespot Asia.. I tried to play but they region locked it for most of Asia. =/


    I will never play anything that includes child pornography, even some hint of it. This game should be banned for this. It's disgusting. What the hell is wrong with most of you? You don't even seem to're as sick as these koreans...shame on you.


    @GeorgeSyll may god have mercy on your ignorant stone age soul.


    ATM I dont think there's a better free MMORPG. The game is fun enough and while it doesn't do anything new like GW2 if you just want the usual MMORPG experience this one is very good at it.

    While I wouldn't have paid for it, as a free game Tera is just great, especially since their F2P model is surprisingly good and fair.

    The querts are almost all kill or pick quests. Now and then you get a defend or escort one but those are rare and usually part of the story quest, altho with everyone beign able to AOE, you can do quests in just a couple of pulls anyway so you can level up really fast.


    Another similar asian mmo with half naked kids,pokemons faces and stuff like in any other asian mmo, haha no one want to pay for this crap, thats why ftp model :D , maike something a little unique , stop clone own games on same engines!


    horrible tanks at all for dungeons. Dont waste your time..


    Another about these MMOs deserves subscription. Generic to the bone!


    It was easy to see that it wouldn't last as a sub game. The game was alright but they should've launched it as a FP2 game. It works well and at least it doesn't look bad when the game changes sub model.


    Not available where i live , why do mmo devs region lock games.


    @nisgos where you live ? i am in egypt and playing on EU just fine


    @Hitch3nz @nisgos India , no one wants india/china , even though we make all the stuff americans enjoy.


    @roganth I know , i wasted 30gigs of bandhwith on it


    @nisgos @Hitch3nz The game is region locked eastern Europe, Russia, China, Hong Kong, East Asia, Central Asia, India The entire continent of Africa and the Middle East are blocked. I am in Hong Kong and can't play either the euro or american version. Taiwan version is open to me but I can't read Chinese.


    I really like this show. Very few of the games I'd probably actually play, but these first impressions videos are really informative.


    I hate how they chatter, hit on important questions and NEVER answer them....


    The story of the quests is neat but the actual content is about the same with different flavors thereof. Kill this many, gather that many, go here, look at that, escort this person.

    But they never really feel that grindy either an the story quests, the red !/? do give you cutscenes and vary just enough to stand out.


    Sooo u can only play TERA if u live in North America or Europe? not in Asia and other continents?


    @qwertykss i am in Egypt and playing the game just fine on EU


    I heard of Tera but never played before. When they announced they gonna be f2p I thought it will be masked p2w but I was wrong. It is really f2p, world design is really good, it runs quite smooth on my PC (much better than GW2), combat is great (I love this action oriented combat instead of classic tapping). The downside is repetitive quests and "some races" design. For now I enjoy this pretty much.

    For a f2p game (as it is now) it is quite good. Anything purchased in microtransactions is not making players OP so those who like PvP won't be treated different if they are 100% f2p player or someone who pays for items.


    Been playing it since it went f2p, found it enjoyable..the female needs more The characters look good. Combat is really good...may consider putting in some $$ to give back. :)


    @superbuuman They funny thing is that when they brought it to the U.S. they were forced to put on MORE armor than the other countries had on thier female characters!


    @Reavingangel lol..that is funny, then I should they need to put even more armour, the females except elins need to protect their nicely shape assets :p


    i am playing it on weekends so far so fun nothing bad to complain about rly good for f2p game xD


    You don't have to grind, quests don't get more interesting, but they give lots of xp, you can actually skip tonnes of quests when they get too low.


    Haven't played for six months. On the combat. there is no targeting, you can miss, and you can avoid enemy attacks. There is clipping in this game, if you're tanking as a Lancer for example you have to actively block mob attacks, bosses will hit your character backwards, it's pretty cool.

    The best part is the combat, by far. Dungeons are great and take skill and gear on hard modes, at least used to. Enchanting/Masterwork system was terrible but I believe they have fixed that now.

    I tried to play GW2 after it but I couldn't get into it purely due to the combat feeling stale by comparison.

    If you play for story, don't bother with this one.


    Is there a way to block articles containing certain GameSpot personnel? I'm absolutely sick of Johnathan peddling free-to-play games.


    @jinzo9988 Yep. It's a system called 'not clicking on links that don't interest you'.


    Still trashed. No idea.


    Seems interesting, but hope I would be able to change the HUD.. The default looks so ugly...

    As for the Grindfest, I hope one can level to max, with just quests..



    You can.

    Very easily. There are tons of quests per town/outpost.

    Contrary to what whiny kids say, the grind is nowhere near the likes of its fellow Asian MMO games.


    @AncientDozer @red666devil Thanks man..
    Can you tell me one more thing. whenever I try to login on to the website or the client of Tera, it gets stuck on Authentication.
    Even after entering the Armor Code that I receive from email, I can not get through past that. So I am stuck..



    Most probably you're trying to log in from IP blocked countries. TERA US blocks IP from certain countries. Try TERA Europe.


    isnt this game a total grindfest?



    korea games man , what are you expecting ?


    @Vu2010 Hehe, you just wrapped up my problem with every MMO in one single sentence.

    My answer usually is..."Next !"


    Man Gamespot, your video streaming is terrible. I understand you're providing a free service and all, but if you can't stream a video at a higher rate than 35 KBps you shouldn't even be trying. And it's not my connection, because right now I'm streaming 1080p video from youtube just fine.

    snova9308 the screen resolution stretched from 4:3 to 16:9?

    or are they just wide faced...

    sorry if it sounds rude, but really cant tell...