Firefall Interview With Tony Park

GameSpot Asia's Jonathan Toyad speaks to vice president of Red 5 Studios Tony Park about the online team-based FPS Firefall, its classes, art style, and what sets it apart from every other FPS!

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As long as the micro-transactions are fairly priced & that they don't unbalance the gameplay, then Firefall should be alright.


best trailer


I'm worried, especially with the micro-transactions. Red 5 Studios first promised us that there wouldn't be any game breaking or pay to win items on their shop. But now that its being made by Asians, I have doubt that the promise will be fulfilled. I have nothing against Asians, I'm Asian too. But there is no doubt that Asian made MMOs do have a lot of Pay 2 Win micro-transactions or item malls.


looks really really good. best firefall trailer yet.


graphics are similar to pop 2008


Wish I had beta access :( Looks great nd fresh


Can't wait. Beta has been fun so far.