Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster Trailer

Take a trip back to Spira and battle Sin all over again, this time in HD and on VITA and PS3.

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    another rpg to add to my burgeoning collection... gosh im such a game nerd.


    Cool deal, loved this game and played the hell out of it....that being said, I am NOT looking forward to the frustrating madness that was unlocking Lulu's ultimate weapon.


    It's about time!!!! The last great FF game finally makes it to HD. Now if we can only convince Square Enix to remaster FFVII and FFVIII we'll be in heaven.


    @turkey39470 I think they were going to do a FFVII remake some years ago, but I think it got negative responses for some reason. Check youtube, the video might still be there


    Yes please :)


    Ok, like the thing I’m doing with my old PS2 games if there is a new HD version, sold it and buy this new one for PS3, I really like this game specially for be my first FF that I purchased because the other ones before this one were borrowed from my friends hahaha

    Sauron HD and of course the FF girls cute as always


    Ohhhh man, I might just go ahead and pre-order this off amazon right now.


    why does X keep getting revisited? why not a VII remastered to modern gen graphics? lol


    FFX has come a long way. Here is the original trailer 1:


    Square Enix must really be needing money or its artists all got bored, or both. I just hope Versus (or whatever it's called now) comes out soon.


    Cool banana prawns XD




    worth getting a vita for this


    Yep, the first part of that trailer instantly took me back 11 years ago. It's crazy it's been that long ago since Final Fantasy X was released.


    Still don't really understand why the PS3 version comes bundled but the Vita versions you have to buy seperate... Your marketing decisions make no sense Square-Enix.


    @endorbr This would be because the Vita's game card currently has a maximum storage capacity of 4GB where as a single layered Blu-ray disk can store 25GB. More to do with limitations than marketing.


    I'd rather see an HD version of XII instead of these games.


    @TechSin Not "rather" but also, for me. I missed the PS2, quite sadly, and have only played FF X and XII with friends. I was just about to buy X for the PS2(I have one now...) the other day when I saw this. It's quite exciting.


    @TechSin FF12? Wasn't that the game everybody hated because the combat system was complete shit?

    From what I hear, FF10 (and FF7) are the most popular (best) ones, no?

    I never got to play any of those on the PS2 cause I simply didn't like turn-based combat. Maybe with this remaster, it time to rethink and pick it up?


    @b0sse @TechSin In my opinion, the combat of XII was more tactical and satisfying than turn based of FFX. And in overall I prefer XII than this one. I don´t know why people hate it.


    @b0sse I have to be honest. The combat put me off, but I liked the atmosphere a lot and it's the least lineair of all FF games. It's also the most mature of all FF games and doesn't quite focus so much on emo aspects. It's also one of the few FF games that doesn't have random encounters and I'm seriously tired of random encounters. The only games I'd ever replay with random encounters is the Shadow Hearst series. But only because it's a multiple factor of awesomeness.

    And the FF game with the worst battle system is still FFXIII.


    @TechSin Yeah, I played FF13 (my first final fantasy game), and I didn't enjoy it. Too linear, combat was boring, I made it to the final boss, then I just quit cause he was super annoying and I couldn't stand it.


    @TechSin I will completely back you on FFXIII having the worst battle system of all FF titles. I couldn't even play through XIII. I had to stop. I couldn't take it anymore. That's been the only FF I didn't finish and continue to play sometime after.


    Lovin this vita support.


    I don't care! I want! <3


    Don't get me wrong I'll be more than happy to buy and replay FF 10 but it really doesn't look like much of an upgrade.


    @bumblebug I think that the character models look a bit different in this trailer, in regards to the face anyway.


    @bumblebug It may not be mush of an upgrade in the actual graphics, but when was the last time you played your ps2? I played KH2 just yesterday and let me tell you, it looked horrible. Not because of the game, though, but because of the format. It was stretched over my 40', causing blurred edges and very... very bad textures.

    I believe it's really the format that's getting the overhaul, and people don't really realize that.


    @bumblebug More than likely you will notice higher resolution textures and proper support for 1080p than any obvious improvements to the characters and environment.