Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Story Trailer

A classic story continues in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

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    As far as stories go, ffiv had the best story there is in the series to date


    What no FuSoYa? ... still not impressed and one of my most favorite games was FFIV / FFII... wish they wouldn't butcher it.


    The remake for FFIV has already been done. This game is a shameless recycled product intended - to quote the game's GameSpot reviewer - strip mine fans' nostalgia. I find the fact that other game sites actually gave it good marks even more disgusting.


    That looked great, i played the original in the snes, the one that was sold as final fantasy 2 on america. It´s good to see the old games making a rebirth


    Shinkda: yes, you can purchase it now.


    i think its time i got a ds id put it off for so long because there was nothing i wanted now there's loads coming out i want


    It looked to me like a dual tech was used. Also FF7 was the best final fantasy game.


    I hope they do this with FF6, as that was the best FF game? Also, why only Wiiware? Are they emulating the SNES on this?


    Coming June 1st 09? Uh Wasn't that two days ago?


    FF for DS, Interesting..............


    Definitely agree with you there Leria! This looks really good because this was the first true fantasy game that I ever played and it looks to be something new and different. Might have to get a Wii finally because they have something that looks really good now!


    So they are making a sequel to Final Fantasy IV? Could work... the story in that game was one of the best ever! If they do this right... this could be even BETTER than the original was.