FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Asia All-Stars Singapore Qualifiers Recap

GameSpot Asia sums up everything that happened during the Singapore portion of the FIFA 13 All-Stars tournament on March 3, as well as talk to the qualifier winners, organizers and shoutcasters.

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disapointed with UT this year, didnt hardly play it compared to UT 12. 

The single matches being scrapped  was a bad idea, while the leageu tournement rankings should of been a choice, not enforced. 

This meant soo many teams with pace abuse players, same teams , same players. Sweaty arcady , scripted football thanks to the speed being higher on UT gameplay. Just frustrating. 

Also getting coins was easier, which was good... but that then lead to trade being not as effective. Because playing in divisions allowed people to get good players quicker. 

I have soo many ideas on how they could of added more cards , and depth. 

And no place for silver squads , because everyone had golds with fast players. Just didnt feel good anymore. 

I only play fifa now for offline play against a buddy, on manuel settings. 

EA next time ,,, bring back singles.