F.E.A.R. 3 Interview With Jason Frederick

Dan Chiappini sits down with F.E.A.R. 3's associate producer, Jason Frederick, to chat about multiplayer modes, adaptive AI, competitive co-op, and more!

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Posted by Sergeant_

The multiplayer looks fun, I just hope they actually make some sense during the singleplayer, they lost me on whats going on in the storyline.

Posted by megadeth1984

@megadeth1117 don't think much people here, knows who John Petrucci is lol

Posted by megadeth1117

is that John Petrucci?

Posted by Shakezulah

This game is looking better and better. Hopefully it does well.

Posted by kickballer

F**king RUN!!!! I got to love the wall of death. I may get this game just for that lol.

Posted by tomelus

Very very smart bringing John Carpenter in on it.

Posted by nick280455

honestly the multiplayer is looking amazing

Posted by votc200

I had my doubts about this game,. now I'm really excited for it after seeing this. Time to put in my pre-order!

Posted by GamerLegend10

looks very promising, hope it works out well

Posted by smellyfeet

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by patrick5152003

here's a user feedback. don't get rid of comp. multi-player.

Posted by S0mEGuY12

Hmm. Got mixed feelings on this one. The 2nd game was good, but truly not worth it when it was full price. This however seems to hold promise, especially "F**king Run".

Posted by Craze_Maniac

really cool

Posted by ROFLCOPTER603

I'm pumped!

Posted by KeArNiCe16

Omg I want this game so bad.

Posted by Lotus-Edge

Fairly awesome.

Posted by SepticMctaco