Far Cry 2 Jungle Walk-Through Movie

Check out this exclusive gameplay walk-through from Far Cry 2!

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Posted by thegamerguy7


Posted by Destroy3r3

Well, the game just looks great! At least we can talk about some REAL stealth approach in an enemy camp (I am not talking about stealth for the present video, this is a pure massacre!)

Posted by madassgorilla

for serious gamers i realy recommend this game its briliant in every single way

Posted by CONMAN999PS

This game turned out amazing.

Posted by xtremeflem2day

does anyone have this game? i think im gonna get it but im not sure yet.

Posted by c-monemmers

love this game

Posted by rasik

ai is freaking weird.. how the hell would any get spotted like that... too aggressive i think but it looks good

Posted by Daveiops

I respect this game. Might jst get it!

Posted by Johan8

Man thats a good looking game!! Altough I wonder if it would look the same on the ps3??

Posted by GamerDude911

the graphics are a stunning replica of Africa in all its glory. the shadowing is perfect and the sound is just awesome. This game shall be mine!!

Posted by Lordx67

I've stayed in Africa for months at a time so needless to say I know the place pretty well. This is a stunning replica of the real thing. Bravo Ubisoft!

Posted by godofwarfan1

this year, the top games to get that havn't come out are Far Cry 2, Resistance 2, Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, and LittleBigPlanet. These games are going to be awesome!!!

Posted by spada92

the sound and graphics are so good in this game. i cant wait for it

Posted by Hitnake

graet shadows .

Posted by luciotss


Posted by soupa_mario

Ahh the machete, the African mercenaries crowbar.

Posted by Nino_ze

wow cool, can't wait to come out, but the MP should be much better, they should work on the balance and movement in MP

Posted by curiously_sly

gonna be awesome...im totally psyched over this,dead space,gears of war 2,fallout 3,resident evil 5 and of course killzone 2...sick...i swear these games are gonna be part of my collection...i dont care wat my parents have to says...all my pocket money is going towards these,and thats,thats...!LOL

Posted by CTU_Agent24

This game has to be perfect. If its not i'll lose all faith in humanity

Posted by jstamm33

At about 1:10 right before you he shoots the sniper rifle for the first time, you can hear someone else shooting at him. Thats why the AI responded quick they were shooting at him first. Listen and turn your volume up!!

Posted by fluffinutter

Awesome for a console, hopefully the PC version will meet the graphical standards set by Crysis.

Posted by lReviewsl

TheJamin, man, i dont like u..lol

Posted by xraystar

@thejamin, what? :roll:

Posted by TheJamin

Looks good - not as good as crysis does, but hey it's ok an xbox. the lighting behind the tree's is not as effective. does anyone know how the physics are? Any physx via cuda support for the pc? just saw the mp video. the gunplay looks shockingly bad. but hey only time will tell!

Posted by diogo_carlesso

Awesome graphics ... Beatiful lights ...

Posted by soundigy

Looks cool, but also very disappointed cos how can be possible that all enemies started to fire on him in less than a second? If I was that guy i wouldn't have a clue where he was, it's a dark jungle!

Posted by stinkyfriend

why couldnt this game come out tommorow!

Posted by DeanCorleone

Agree with benbenben - AI responded to fast, maybe one saw the flash, but all started firing. Along with the reloading of the weapons... I hate it when I see a shotgun with 1 shell left, you hit the reload button (ones still in the chamber) and he racks it once loading more shells - programmers either one - are lazy when it comes to gun handling, or two - just stupid. If the gun runs out of ammo entirely I understand needing to recharge/rerack, but not if you just drop a mag, you are ejecting a unused round and wasting time...

Posted by miksalud

Looks sweater then Crysis... and also pretty hardware demanding... even seen this for a console, i dare not imagine the looks of it, and with it the PC needed to run it properly.

Posted by humbikmeamyou

I love how they play with x box version to lessen the expectations, pc all the way!!!!

Posted by BenBenBen93

when the play takes the first shot why does that enemies fire at him if i was that guy i wouldn't have a clue where he was it like that in mot games and it needs to be sorted out but other wise the AI is still good and a nice show of stealthy gameplay ( yes they don't fire back after that second but it still not realistic which this games aimed at)

Posted by krzywicki

I don't think they did their research.....every time he reloads he charges his weapon, when all you would really have to do is hit the release button to load a new round....

Posted by cianocl

looks amazing

Posted by Sefveron

they didnt make it like crysis because they want it to run on consoles and i dont know what people are complaining about it still looks great with the necessaru lighting and shadows and shaders to make the game great while still having gameplay at heart

Posted by Eragonzame

i cant wait to just aimlessly run around and freeroam africa. it ll be so much fun!

Posted by Outlaw-X13

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by Outlaw-X13

ZedFragg, I know what your saying about Gameplay > Graphics, I agree 100% but graphics are also a huge role in your gameplay, say.. theres no realtime lighting or fabric-shaders in Splinter-Cell (chaos theory for example) on the first mission theres a guy in a tent and his shadow is cast up on the back of the tent where you are in the darkness. You can see his shadow being cast in the.. ahhh you get the idea. FAR-CRY 2 LOOKS AMAZING, AND LOOKS LIKE ITS GOT SOME GREAT ACTION!

Posted by anakvunky

EA had Cryengine license... but why ubi still have this engine that like cryengine????

Posted by iamserious00

looks awesome!

Posted by Headhunter01

Looks incredible. I love the way the light filters down through the tree limbs.

Posted by nippin123

cool game

Posted by shani_boy101

This game will OWN on the PC. and by the way, JCMMC the game isn't built on the cryengine 2. they made their own one. if they didn't there would be no way they could get it to run on consoles.

Posted by ZedFragg

Who the hell cares if this doesn't look as good as Crysis...Crysis was really average...Beautiful to look at and physically...But average in gameplay... Also another thing, who the **** cares that the console version won't look as good as the PC version? as long as it runs at a decent rate = no slow down it's good enough for me...I regretted upgrading to play crysis so I switched to consoles and I'm happy knowing I won't have to arse about with settings/drivers/upgrades/OS flaws to play it. I hate people nowdays, it's all about the graphics to hell with the substance...What happened to the days where the gameplay mattered? F***ing kids

Posted by sentenced83

am loving it more than crysis ! loving the sun rays and weapons

Posted by fizik89

consoles will never show a games true graphic capabilities ..crysis owns this game graphically btw

Posted by kortiz58


Posted by starkiller2008

looks not a bad game. many guns can he carry. I also think the shooting could be tweked up a bit

Posted by bluesteelMeGaSE

"it looks like the AI r stupid" The enemies used the surrounding terrain and objects to their advantage. Did you not see the one guy crouch-running from one place to another, attempting to dodge the player's fire? I guess not. Looks fantastic. The haze effects seen here are top-notch, so Ubisoft has done a good job with the weather effects. That's another big plus for the immersion factor.


i would kill for this game!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by STgoon

it looks like the AI r stupid