Fable II: My Pocket Pets Exclusive Announcement Interview

APRIL FOOL'S DAY: Fable II: My Pocket Pets. Peter Molyneux, studio head of Lionhead, gives us an exclusive look at the new Fable-related game he's been working on, My Pocket Pets.

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    Thats kind of dum if you think about it.


    Pay $1 a day or your pet will die. LOL


    Gotta be a joke, $1 a day for a virtual pet, This is definately a joke. Crossing a fly with a rhino WTF man!


    lmfao one of the greatest spoofs this year


    I don't know if any of you noticed, but this is fake...


    when they say $1 a day do they mean real money or just money in the game?


    This game needs many more add-ons to compete with the likes of Oblivion.


    i cant wait for the release date


    It's funny, Peter doing an April Fools joke. I mean, the man lies a lot, so you never know if his jokes are meant to be serious.


    what?...1 dollar for a day?....why?...where is the fun after all?....what if someday i forget i have a pet ?..........he well die just like that?.....LOL


    Those of you getting upset... look at the date of the post. You bunch of sillies!


    is this a joke ?XD 1 dollar a day


    As an avid Fable fan here are some ideas Lionhead. The next game should give the option to have the dog stay at home, say with your family. Giving the player the right to truly choose and adding a new dynamic to taking care of your family, maybe even have your things get vandalized if you are gone for long periods of time without a guard dog . Also i really think 1 button combat worked well but 1 button magic would be better assigned to a wheel system allowing you to cast a full range of spells at there individual levels. Please polish the bugs before the release, we would all rather wait a few more weeks then see inconsistent game play. And i am psyched that they are backing their word on new cool DLC. Cheers!


    oh my god. Peter had a dead serious look on his face the whole time too. except for the twisted smirk he has when he's trying his darndest to hold back from telling all sorts of fantastical tales that won't make it into the final game. good one .


    1 dollar a day? for a pet?! nope.


    dam i would not pay a 1$ a day for a dumb pet game this is dumb as the first Experience


    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


    ummm this is dumb why did you made a pet game hes should made a hole new an better and longer Experience wtf this looks gay


    Wow....the star bear looked kinda funny....no joke.


    APRIL FOOLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Man, if only this was real, my dream of making a StarBear would finally be complete.


    wow that had me going lol....


    It's a joke for April fools guys :P


    And my love (non gay love :P) for this man ust keeps getting higher


    sounds odd, but I will keep watching it


    This sounds kinda stupid.


    LOL that was awesome. "You have made a crime against nature" one of the screens said. Ahh... takes me back to Shen Long in the pages of Gamepro =p


    It looks cool and awesome, but way do I have to pay $1.00 a day? I just want to buy it with some Microsoft points and be done with the paying process.


    This is pure genius... people get attached to pets in games, if this catches on they'll be raking in the dough... lol...


    It's kind of amusing, I like how they got Peter Molyneux in on it... Although, if it real, I think everyone's jaw will drop. I know mine will... and I refuse to pay $1 a day for anything gaming related XD


    Wow, I thought it was true when I saw the title at first, but when I saw and read the article... man how stupid they look X D Well thinking it a little bit, changing the dog isn't actually a bad idea!!!


    hahaha I like how 1up.com didn't list this under their "April Fools" section - you got at least one person, you crazy guys


    lol. i want to replace my dog in fable 2 with a flying rabbit 8) wish it wasn't a joke tho


    Lol, obviously April fool's joke but kinda funny. I wanna cross a Hobbe with a lion! He's actually fairly convincing. They always talk like that when announcing games.


    noooooooooooooooooooooooooo it fake noesssssssssssss


    Lol obviously a april fools joke. I mean any pet....$1 a day.....plus it all looks fake....I would have belevied it because they annouced future DLC just last week but this is too absurd.


    I hope this is not a stealth way for them to test out game ideas by floating them as April fool's pranks. April 2, they check the game boards/forums and thats their next new game idea. A buck a day to keep my pet alive, heck that crime against nature will be roaming the street for cash to support its habit.


    lol so today is april fool's day? I didn't know how ever someone has to be stupid to fell for pranks


    Awesome. I want it. It sucks when April Fool jokes turn out to be good ideas. :P


    Other than a dollar a day... I want this... I hate when April fool's jokes are actually neat.


    A dollar a day,my pet would die the next day,im not put all that money in a day.


    if you think about it, a dollar a day is quit a bit of money.


    Lol that was really funny


    you have made a crime against nature


    LoL that was funny a rhino fly lmao... Star Bear fish? lol... nice to know these big companies can get back to the photoshopin basics to make us laugh +1 to Molyneux lol


    april fools joke ha ha!!!


    lol ! a good one !

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