Explosive Demo For Hitman: Absolution

Watch Agent 47 successfully execute a professional level assassination.

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    thats called HITMAN.Bring it on baby.NOV.20, its party time........


    I love hitman games and this look so sick! I just can't help but notice that hitman has always been a game based on realism..one wrong mistake and sh*t goes south ..quick! That we we all love about it though right ? When that car bomb detonated ...the crowd acted as if nothing happened until it said "body found". Along with that small error and the HUGE unlimited pockets Agent 47 has in this pre beta .. I can only say I hope that the developers will fix this. This game is definitely headed in the right direction ... PLEASE PLEASE don't mess this classic up !


    Nicely done


    Sweet, looks pretty good!


    i love commercials