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Danny explores the history of Sensible Software, the developers behind two of his favourite childhood games; Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer.

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    Indeed, we would really love it if more episodes could be produced (especially for Civ). You are doing a great job!!


    Didn't realize that every "week" in European English meant every "month" in American English. Goddamn Metric system fucking with me again!!! (but keep up the good work :)...just maybe more often....Please?!)




    @gamer-55 His episode on X-COM did some highlights of Firaxis. It was a good episode. Check it out if you get a free minute or so.


    I'd really like to see an episode on Firaxis or Sid Meier games. I enjoyed Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Civil War(Antietam and Gettysburg).


    good episode


    Now that the next xbox will be announced at the end of May will you be doing an episode on the life of the xbox like you did with the PS3?


    Sweet! I never heard about Cannon Fodder. I would love to try playing it. :)


    No clue about this episode, but it's always cool to hear about video game beginnings and stuff like that. I still want to put in my vote for an episode on the Civilization series, Everquest, and/or hockey. Yeah, I know, I'm the minority here. lol


    Nostalgia-gasm! :,D


    Any possibility of a bioware episode?


    Take your vitamins Danny, we missed you dude.And leave the pigeon sims for Mike Tyson Lol.


    great episode! Sensible Software was genius!


    Nice episode danny i hope you made more of efms than random encounter


    Hi Danny, are you ever going to do a Lucasarts episode?


    @KingofCabal Not likely mate, I've done Star Wars and had a whole section of the point and click episode devoted to them. It would just be repeating all that again.


    Fun Fact: In the Atari ST520FM version of Sensible Soccer, if your two teams selected were England '66 and West Germany '66 in that order, the match would begin and play entirely in black and white.

    SS were amazing in that era.



    The next episode of EFMS will up on Monday the 6th - two weeks from today. And as requested by oh so many people, will be about....


    @sundfeld Apologies mate, I was sick / flying to America. It'll be up tomorrow!


    @sundfeld @dannyodwyer

    Hope you're feeling better?

    I was still looking for EFMS today and just read your comment above.

    Looking forward to it?


    Wow, I actually played Cannon Fodder I, but I obviously did not associate the historical significance of that title and gaming development in Europe. Also, I've been playing an internet arcade title called New Star Soccer, but it eerily looks like a Sensible Soccer knock-off. Hopefully people aren't infringing upon your intellectual property.


    I'm not sure if he already did it. But he should do the history of Civilization franchise. Since it basically began as a board game in the 80s, and then progressed to a video game, and to mention many expansions which came out for each one. I think it could be a very nice episode, there's a lot of history behind that game.


    @stefip I still only like the first one lol.


    Suggestions: Square/Squaresoft (NOT Square Enix) or the golden age of JRPGs outside Japan. You know, its beginnings in the SNES, the apex in the PSOne, the twilight years in the PS2 and the current struggle to stay relevant. Heck, I think I could do that =p

    Or even a run on Final Fantasy history would be cool to watch, and it would be as good motif as any other, given the strengh the series once held and the criticism shitstorm it has endured in the past few years, despite still being commercially successful.


    do one on chrono trigger


    Absolutely need a Fallout episode, with particular emphasis on the evolution to Fallout 3. Of course, I might just be biased because I live in the Capital Wasteland.




    I'd love to see a video on the creators of the music behind Streets of rage (Motohiro Kawashima and Yuzo Koshiro), I've read they were really introvert people and anything on them would be fascinating, plus the games themselves (1-3) were ace.


    I assumed cannon fodder was everywhere. I never knew it wasn't really released anywhere else other than the UK. Guess i can consider myself lucky to play it back in the day then :D.
    It is remarkable how attached u get to your little dudes in cannon fodder and it is funny that just a few small additions sensible software made quickly turned cannon fodder into a profoundly anti-war game even though it doesn't scream it at your face, it was far more subversive. I actually can't think of another game that does that (caveat: i dont pretend to have played all games ever made so dont rage at me for not picking it up in games i haven't played!)

    Now, i've never liked football games but even i can tell that sensi soccer was vastly superior to everything else around at the time it came out and can understand the following it acquired. All my mates played it.

    Danny, i still think u should do some EFMS on absolutely atrocious games and the story of their disaster/mis-management.


    I loved his episode the game developer was pretty funny and had a wicked story. The explanation of that Wiz Kid game pure madness reminds me of games in the 1990s.


    good ep, not as good as other eps but this serious tone was refreshing for once. i live in aus so ive never heard of sensible software. for me out of all the sports games out there. soccer (go on bring the hate) is the best kind of sports game out there even though i cant watch a whole real match.


    Hey Danny, here are some suggestions for future episodes.

    1) Sexy women in video games, you know like Catwoman in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Triss Merigold in Witcher 2, Alyx in HL 2 (all of them with great a** :P ) etc etc

    2) Voice actors/models. Sooo many voices that we have grown to love and have no idea who is behind them and/or real people posing for the creation of in game characters.

    3) Sound design and/or music. We all know that sound is very important for the immersion of a game but you never realize how much until you play a crap hd remake of prince of persia trilogy with its hugely bugged sound.

    Vote if you like my ideas ppl :)


    @dj_ene-miss I think you're missing the point since for once they had an actual developer as a guest on the show, but I really liked your 2nd suggestion for... something else. 1st is waaaay overused (although I can't help but think of Miranda and Samara from Mass Effect fame) and sound design and music would also make a good episode of a different show. Don't get me wrong, I just disagree that those would be good topics considering EFMS general motif.


    @edhc44 True, for no 1, it is overused but I can't imagine what will happen when you combine Danny's dry humor with those perfectly shaped female characters.


    I hate how american gamers are considered to only love war games. Im an american gamer who loves a variety of games, hell I grew up playing some PC games back in the 90s but mostly grew up playing the NES/SNES. Currently I play tons of different video games, from FPS to Sports to racing to platformer, anything and almost everything. I feel embarrassed to call myself a gamer in america since most of this new generation considers COD/BF as the better game out there.

    Also I would love to see Danny cover the history of megaman. I grew up with that guy!


    @BrYaNq93 You might notice your country has quite a huge population and with it a lot of different opinions. The thing is, managers trough advertisements run pretty much every aspect of your society trough hype (not only in game business). Of course there are other Americans who prefer non war games. Yet hype over war, shooting and killing games is pretty big hype and easy to go along with when you are new upcoming player.


    Loved Cannon Fodder and Sensible World of soccer on the Snes as a kid


    I love your videos man ever think about covering the dot Hack franchise? It's a lil obscure but has a pretty rich history.


    Glad to see this show back Danny and great episode to start with.

    Although I am european myself I was born during the Fourth Generation so I didn't catch these games unfortunately. My earliest console was the first edition Game Boy followed by Sega Mega Drive 2 so I came really late into video games.

    I've only heard of Cannon Fodder in a games magazine I buy monthly in the Retro section.


    Love the Zool shoutout

    Also, as a Canadian, I had never really heard of Sensible, but I did play the shit out of Cannon Fodder when it was ported to Gameboy Color


    Amiga brought so many amazing/ original games. No wonder you see so many that stood the test of time getting graphical overhauls with gameplay remaining identical from that golden generation.

    Speedball 2, Secret of Monkey Island, Worms 2, Lemmings, & Putty Squad are good examples :)

    Now all we need is a confirmed The Chaos Engine & Cannon Fodder re-emerging.


    Fucking superb video. Proper, worthy games journalism/documentary making; top notch. Good to see such a pioneer getting some recognition, and how wonderful to see a coherent and erudite games maker talking frankly and openly. More EFMS! More videos like this on Gamespot. BOOM!


    I would love EFMS episode of Richard Garriott and his games now that his new game has been funded at Kickstarter.


    This was an excellent episode of EFMS. How about doing an episode on Geoff Crammond? Would be nice to hear his opinions on modern F1 racing games and find out what he's doing now that Microprose no longer exist.


    @LaStOfThE @peteuplink Actually they didn't cover the subject. What that one was was a big advertisement for Codemasters latest mess. Crammond made 4 of the best F1 games ever to appear on PC, and I'd like to hear his opinions on the current state of F1 gaming now that realism and accuracy are no longer the driving force.


    Amiga was one of the best consoles (if i can call that) ever and one of most under rated of all time. It was ahead of Nes and more or less the level of mega drive (Genesis) and snes, but with a lot of piracy support :D.


    @mruizinho Well let's see

    It was sold in toy stores like a console. It connected to a TV like a console. It played games like the best console ever. It turned on and off like a console. No boot times to speak of even if you did have a HDD which most people didn't since it played games and programs right off diskettes when you switched the power on.

    Other than that it was a very powerful computer at the time and it still can put a modern day PC to shame in some areas.

    Btw it had the same CPU in 1985 as they put in the Mega Drive a few years later (although the MD got two of them). Later Amiga models were fitted with better CPUs and/or expansion boards with new CPUs. The real power of the Amiga was in the custom chip copper and blitter however.

    Oh and Here's a kickoff2 video (since I was talking about that earlier on) for a comparison with sensible soccer.

    There doesn't seem to be any good videos of it on youtube so I'm sorry for the blur.


    Sensible soccer is one of my favorite games i ever played, i still prefer it to pes or fifa. So good memories.


    Those games were from a time when the box was bigger than the kid that bought it. Anyway, I look forward to the episode on the Bitmap Brothers, which I know is coming.


    Hare was fun to listen to.

    Suggestions...uh...the history of sexual obsession over teenage girls among Japanese game developers? Nah, too honest. Imagery from the Myth of Sisyphus in the Halo series? Too obscure. Mario as archetype for overachieving men of inadequate height. Yeah, that one.


    lol wizards with rocket launchers.


    Yeah, we do love war, don't we? War or soccer - tough choice.

    I could be talked into a wizard with a rocket launcher pretty easily.

    And I loved the Amiga as a gaming machine. Developers seemed to mess around and experiment a lot more then.


    Sensible soccer was by far one of the best, most addictive games I played as a kid on my PC... and getting to know the guy who actually made it... haha amazing! For other episodes, how about looking into other companies like Sierra, Micropose, or the guys from the original Syndicate (was it Bullfrog?)


    I'd never even heard of Sensible Software before; definitely a very informative and interesting episode!


    Thanks Danny! This was a piece of the industry that I never knew about. I'm only nineteen, so this was kind of before my time, as it were. It's always refreshing to hear about the early days of the industry.


    Sensible soccer was a great game!


    I suggest you should do an episode on Sims series. They are on the top for ages...

    ..or maybe some pigeon game :D


    Do an episode on Naughty Dog. That studio's got an interesting history.


    I'm so glad this show's back. Now all we need is for What-If Machine to come back.