Escape From Mount Stupid: Counter-Strike

With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming out later this year, we decided to take a detailed look at one of the most popular online shooters ever made. Lock and load.

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Seeing Firearms on that video just makes me sad now.

Shame what happened to that mod...


I loved action Q2, and action HL aswell.

Before CS, I spent a lot of time with a sawed off handcannon and stealth slippers....


does not exist co-op more cuz dont make players expend real money in game.....


thank goodness for vanillaeware's upcoming release (thx to atlus) , Dragon's Crown.

should be fun to finally get a chance to re live some of those nostalgic moments when you and a few buddies team up to rid the land of evil.


Last time I played CS was 4 years ago, and yeah i loved the land parties with CS great gaming, guess this new gen of gamers will miss a lot.


Out of interest... why does everybody cite streets of rage 2 as the main game in that series?

I thought the first had better music, sound effects, art style and enemies... unmatched co-op experiences were had on that game.


Ahh two player co-op, such good memories! Streets of rage two was thee game of my childhood :D


SoR2 was the first vs game I every played, battling against each other was great, I think that's why I enjoyed tekken so much. I always hoped for a tekken/streets of rage game on the PS3, hopefully one day!


@BCFOX thx


Time to play some Surf!


@netflixman Yeah this happens. Try playing at different times of the day, you won't get kicked as much.


Brilliant rundown: I feel like I've learnt so much! Now say Gash again. :P




Games that introduced me to FPS when i was 14 years old in the years 2001.


I just played today. Marvellous game, and todays FPS only highlight this even more. It's one of the purest shooters out in terms of mechanics, it's balanced to razor sharp precision


I hate FPS and competitive gaming but CS truly captured me for some reason.


Oh boy....after watchin this ..... here I go again!!! :)


lol!!! I love the surf maps on CS and TF games


every time I play CS: source I get kicked for a high ping. Its really annoying


I'm probably one of the youngest CS players ever, I've beat Half Life 1, 2, Episode 1&2, Opposing force And blue shift! All great, then......I tried CS 1.6. I almost exploded from all the awesomeness, but I still suck at counter strike. I'm in my teens, 13, and my friends have never heard of any valve game other than L4D. (great game, by the way) Oh and also.... I'm afraid to say this..I hate COD. Peace out everybody. Mik-Z


Another excellent episode, Danny! When growing up in Russia I remember how EVERYONE played CS only all the time. Now the trend sort of died down, but then a couple years ago I was in Latvia and I ventured into a so-called "computer club". It was packed with kids and teens who were all playing weird CS mods, controlling head-crab zombies, surfing etc.. I would have been impressed that "younger generations enjoy the games that we played" but those kids were cursing so disgustingly in Russian at each other, 12-year old racist-s#it-talking COD players would have cried. So I wasn't that impressed.


with their gash?


@lfebaggins Thanks mate, yea they keep getting longer. Hopefully it doesn't put people off! @xsonicchaos lol, I feel your pain man ;) - I'm looking forward to next week's episode. We really go for the juggular against extreme religious groups. It's not about religion V atheism. It's more about common sence v biggotry.


Oh Counter Strike. Good memories.


@dannyodwyer You're doing an awesome job with these Escape from Mount Stupid episodes! Keep up the good work! I love how you keep going overboard timewise during all the Valve-related episodes, I would do the same.


@dannyodwyer i did things, man.... i did things.... i had to manualy search! manualy! no, but good show! prepare for some good old bigotism ranting on the next one.


Yea sorry guys we're trying to promote the show on Youtube at the moment, so these are kind of secondary for the mo. We'll sort out a show page soon enough.


Last time I played Counter-Strike was 4 years ago and it was version 1.6 . Those were the good gaming days. :D I was running away from school to play CS with friends. This video just reminded me: Valve release Half-Life 3 !!!!!!


it was... an ordeal... to get here.


found it, the link on the main page aint working, excellent peice as usual Danny, thanks