E3 2011: Sony Press Conference

Catch all the excitement from the Sony E3 2011 Press Conference.

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    PSVita, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, Infamous 2, Battlefield 3, etc... at this rate gamers will run out of money ;)


    Thanks to the Playstation Vita and Uncharted 3, this was one of the best E3 press conferences Sony has had. Games like battlefield 3 and << LINK REMOVED >> and assassins creed revelations are great extras this year, but uncharted 3 is PS3's game of the year!


    PSVITA is so cheap.. I cant believe its price


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    I had a comment, but then the video ended and it erased my comment, hopefully gamespot sees this,and as far as 2K12 goes, hooray for extra focus on gameplay, as everything else in the game was awesome, especially franchise mode, too bad you guys don't have the NFL license no more. The current gameplay has rubbery physics, and is almost nplayable to me, but maybe thats the canned animations thing. It will be nice when they fix that. I like having full control of my dudes, and don't feel like I do now. We'll see...


    Hey Sonyexpert, right click the link and click "Save As"


    need vita so much!


    i'm not a child but i will be a new generation 4 U. thank you sony


    Game console maker, Sony is the best


    So...Sell PSP...Earn $249...Pre-Order Vita 3 Months In Advance...Prove Nintendon't Sucks... What A Great Summer This Shall Be...


    screw that 299$ im getting it


    RPG on Vita???? Looks like Diablo!!! This is very very cool, but still I'm not definetley shure Im gona buy it


    @ Link_2007, you cant just say it sucks, hackers suck, your internet connection might be lame. Saying PSN sucks, you just spit on friends having fun bro


    playstaion network sucks. i havent been able to connect to it for months. cant reset my password or nothing.


    Wow, over 7,000 comments... yeah, I might get the Vita, but the only reason I would get it would be for Uncharted, Reality Fighters, and maybe Mod Racers. Other than that, it looks cool, but like all game systems, it has to have great games to make it worthwhile.


    Hi-Def video please.


    Bow down to the mighty PS3mpyre.


    when will they fix the hi def download?!?!?!


    ps3!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST


    Hey thumb's up because this is irrelevant and my avatar is awesome o3o :DD


    Im so excited for infamous 2 xD but I can't very well buy a game for a system I don't own :c


    was that Justin bieber that was playing in the beginning x.x? If so I've lost all respect for sony D;


    i'll buy VITA, BIOSHOCK, FIFA 12, COD MW 3, BATMAN, ETC...

    cant wait for resistance 3 and uncharted 3


    After i saw Dust514 ... i started looking for PS3's on market :D


    The Vita is stunning. I played at E3 and it felt right, the analog sticks puts the 3DS to shame in my opinion and although I am not a huge touch screen guy, the Vita's is very accuarate as well as the back touch panels(which felt weird at first but I quickly got use to it......sort of). As a gamer I can't wait for it to come out, as a developer I cant wait for the SDK's so I can play with it!!!


    Hey, The gameplay footage of the game after Dynasty Warrior "something" (at the end), it looks like it's coming from Vanillaware, isn't? Or the style is pretty much close to it... Edit: I ansewered my own question: Of course it is coming from Vanillaware! What a sharp eye! Thanks Adrian: << LINK REMOVED >>


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    hmm, Sony know how to do a good speech, But don't know how to build hype. Microsoft Know how to build hype, But the thing that they build hype for is (almost) BS. Nintendo neither know speech or hype, Since they let there products speak for them selves. NOTE:All time all Consoles fan.

    look at the exclusives resistance 3, uncharted 3 and many more, cant wait


    sony is always good


    wow - can't wait


    sony is the best


    infamous 1 was ok i honestly prefered prototype cause of its freedom in play eg you could run up buildings like the empire state in less than ten seconds and jump of so when you hit the floor you create a massive sonic boom and awesome powers but infamous 2 sure gave in the umph it needed


    so wtf is party chat coming to ps3?!?!?!


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    @Notelessinferno playstation forever! as long as Nintendo is here, they will continue to exist.


    Great job, Jeremy!


    i don't really trust that Jack Tretton guy .... he seems like a A Hole


    playstation forever!


    i love playstation


    Where is the hi res download??? please put on gamespot!!


    I really wish these could have been available for download sooner! Thanks again for making it possible though.


    Alright Playstation, what outside of Uncharted 3 is going to keep me paying for your games, and choosing PS3 over XBOX 360?


    Great interview and presentation from Sony head guys,us PS3 owners have a really good future to look forward to.The games shown were impressive and i will certainly be keen to buy the PS Vita,the handheld looks everything you could want.


    the HD H.264 MP4 version for the Sony Press Conference is broken... please upload again


    meh nintendos was better this year


    I wonder how much they paid Kobe


    gamespot video very laggy and the speed slow before was very fast