E3 2011: Need for Speed: The Run - Official Trailer

Check out an E3 demo of Need for Speed: The Run.

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Posted by Spring1374

Oh yeah !! NFS is gonna be on top again !! Bring it on baby !! ;D

Posted by kompedli

wtf ? its Heavy Rain + NFS ? it should change name for Heavy Speed ... NFS isn't a racing game anymore, what a shame :):):)

Posted by V-Mack

i donno...personally i fell in love with nfs back in ( << LINK REMOVED >> ) high stakes for ps1. High stakes was a very good series nfs had because the games had challenging roads with a very high passe feel to it, example : << LINK REMOVED >> . the new nfs dont have that high speed and difficult challenge like the old ones use to. I understand that nfs hasn't been on the #1 racing like when it use to dominate back in the day, i don't wanna say what I feel it could be from to prevent people from criticizing me, but i feel like if they go back to their roots into what made them such a great name in racing and work with the graphics and physic engine like forza 4 is going to have, they will be back in my shelf.

Posted by keyan3d

that's more like it

Posted by justinparent

Nice new approach :)

Posted by moaskain


Posted by carlosmw26

November is gonna be one helluva month...11/11 Skyrim....11/15 NFS: The Run......11/20 LOTR: War In The North ....woohooo November come sooooonnn!!!!!!

Posted by sirkibble2

I'm a little skeptical of the direction but adding a decent story to NFS has been a long time coming. Perhaps this will be the complete package!

Posted by anthonettex

now this is way cool!

Posted by awright00

brilliant! just what the racing genre needs!

Posted by amin7224

and thanks for GOD this game for PC too

Posted by amin7224

i love frostbite 2 is this racing game or action game cars+ guns + helicopters = AMAZING GAME

Posted by evil_devil_mons

@mw2hardcore yeah..i also think that it would be great..

Posted by taino1128

The world's first ever "M" for Mature racing game? lol It looks like it's time show your need for speed on foot as well as in the car.

Posted by Pawfalcon

Looks like the love child of Heavy Rain and NFS Underground

Posted by shansss123

loved hot pursuit its lookin even better nfs is coming on the right track

Posted by teron678

Seems it's going to be the most playable NFS after Most Wanted ..... can't wait .... EA please don't disappoint as you have been doing for over 1/2 a decade now ...

Posted by eusousuperior

Finally a nfs that is undergound-like, since that was the last decent nfs game.

Posted by mw2hardcore

@evil_devil_mons Can't wait for the game.looks great ps. i doubt we can get out of our car.but maybe , maybe we can!it would be great!

Posted by buft

why shoot at an unarmed man thats only crime is dangerous driving?

Posted by Bumblebee1138

Holy....Now this is what Need for Speed wants; Something new. Can't wait to find out more about this game. :D

Posted by evil_devil_mons

i heard some people sayin that we can get out of car in this game like gta..but its just a kinda movie in which we have to press buttons in time.. man... it would be real fun if we can get out of car anytime n control the player too along with the car..

Posted by evil_devil_mons

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Posted by marius068

now this looks like the need for speed I always wanted

Posted by AKADreyadigg

environments remind me of NFS Undergound- which oddly enough came after the first series of NFS hot pursuit- but game looks amazing, gritty, and the language in the preview makes me believe this game will be edgy- can't wait

Posted by scimitar4701

the game looked amazing, make sure it's good EA!

Posted by athenian29

... and this is a RACING game? Holy crap, this looks incredible. My one complaint: the driving model looks a bit stiff. But I can definitely deal with that if the total package is this unique. P.S: Frostbite, woohoo!

Posted by SadPSPAddict

Looking pretty good! lets have some more trailers :D:D

Posted by petey3

This looks absolutly amazing. I CANT WAIT!!!

Posted by dawnripper

wow!!! just like NFS underground. cant wait!