Dust 514 E3 2011 Trailer

Check out the newest trailer for Dust 514 from the E3 2011 Sony Press Conference.

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Is it really free, also is it single player and multiplayer? Look's interesting.


@BrenttheButt IT'S FREE! HA!!! :lol:


Sadly it's not going to be on Xbox, so I probably won't buy it.


Nevermind. Seems to be some kind of multiplayer thingamugig.


Kind of a muddled message. What does being a mercenary have to do with being remembered and bringing down an empire? Still, looks like it could be fun and intense if it isn't another rail-style FPS.


@sensesfail99 to answer or not to answer... nope.avi


oh and as for your statement about NOT arguing about your own taste?...... you just did soooooo yeah i wouldn't be calling anyone else and idiot but yourself


@tomertop i dont care what the date is dude you still posted it and yeah its your opinion, but guess what.... your opinion only matters to who? thats right.... you. so stop assuming im trying to pick a fight and just realize that you made a stupid comparison that you knew people would say something about. seems like your the one trying to pick fights. I bet you that every other person that reads your comment will think the same thing as I did. This game resembles nothing even close to fallout.


@tomertop I respect that you can have your own opinion, but it just doesn't make sense. The interface isn't really the same it just looks like that of a standard shooter, I don't see how you can relate it to Fallout 3's. Same thing with the aim and crosshairs, it's just standard for any fps and a red dot sign scope. They don't have marking on the teammates so I don't really understand what you are trying to say there. Also, they barely show the landscape except for a quick glimpse of mountains at the very beginning, and they barely resemble Fallout 3's environment. I mean, if you haven't noticed most mountains are grayish or brownish rock and look pretty baren. Most of the video is in a military base and planetary and space glimpses so none or your points make any sense, to me at least. I am not trying to pick a fight, merely pointing these things out.


@sensesfail99 the interface is the same, so does the marking on team mates and the aim if you look more closely. The washed out and the bad 'dusty' color in the environment resemble a lot of Fallout's 3 'out-of-reach' lands. Now look at the date of the message, pretty stupid starting a fight on it now, does it? and think about you starting a fight on someones own opinion, feel even more stupid? well, you should. I'm not going to argue about my taste, bye, idiot.


@tomertop There is nothing in this trailer even remotely resembling Fallout. It's liek that other guy said your just pulling it out of your ass. Do you do this with every trailer you see? compare it to some game youve already played?


Must Have!


War for profit... Yeah I like it alot!


@tomertop Yeah, you pulled that one out of your ass, didn't you.


Looks like... Fallout?




cant wait to see how it plays out and effects eve online:DDDDDD i jumped around in room during the press conference when they announced this, i thought the concept vanished, good to see it still lives


@Gelugon_baat I don't even think there was any negotiations with Xbl and Eve since Microsoft has a Ultra strict security network policy + all of the Microsoft politics thats what guess...


Too bad that negotiations with Microsoft fell through. It seems that after Portal 2, Sony had demonstrated that it is pretty receptive of having its PSN connect with third-party servers.


I've been waiting for this moment a long time. The moment where popular pc titles crosses the boundary into consoles and both platforms combineing to make an amazing experence. I'm totally stoked for this I can't wait to hear more news about this amazing idea!


@ Redhand7 This is only through what I've heard but apparently there's something like a domination style game being set up I'm not sure how but I hear EVE players (well companies mainly) will be able to provide support either through air strikes or equipment as seen in this trailer. However i also hear that "betrayal" will be possible. So, its quite an interesting thing to install into an FPS.


For the ps3? Seriously? Seriously? I've been following this game and it's not coming out for the 360? I am a sad and disappointed man now.


Will people on the PS3 have to pay? and how is it connected but it looks sweet none-the-less


If they can actually make it at that scale you can color me interested.


i am a eve player and people are loving this idea its gonna bring a whole new side to the game of eve and ill be playing both its gonna be awesome


story is key to this game. the DEVs need to make sure they are able to give new players to EVE a solid story to the back story


im more then happy to kill for for a pay check :) ill definitly be trying this game out




You'll find that it interests Eve players the least out of everyone. Eve players don't want console players having anything to do with their MMO universe and don't want to rely on them (that's IF that's the direction CCP will take this game). The other thing is that it's PS3 exclusive, which again takes out even more gamers, like me, who don't have a PS3 and can't afford a 3rd platform to game on. But anyway, I'm an Eve player and have been following it a long time, and it looks awesome!


It looks pretty damn cool, I want to see how it turns out.


I think this will only interest EVE players