DuckTales Remastered - Himalayas Trailer

Check out the Himalayas stage in this Ducktales Remastered trailer.

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    Mh, not THAT spectacular for a Trailer :/

    Anyways, still looking forward to it :)


    Thanks Gamespot for the 30 second ads. I thought you were not going to implement advertisement when you got rid of paid subscriptions? Fail


    @burnettaj Ok First of all this is a Trailer ANY trailer is Advertising. Secondly if GS had no ads it would not exist. How do you think they generate income?


    @burnettaj Just open another website and check it out or watch TV sideways until the ad is done. At least that's how I perfectly handle it :D


    People will always find SOMETHING to whine about, won't they? How about you start a website, and incur ALL the costs of maintaining a server and keeping the page current. Then find a way to do it without ANY income generated from the site. Think about it for a second. Kids in America these days are being led to believe that anybody who wants to profit off of anything is automatically greedy.


    @MattyWoah It's ok Matty. You'll be alright. I promise it will be ok. Way to get that off your chest. Have a good day Matty :)