Driver: San Francisco - Film Director Trailer

Check out a trailer for Driver: San Francisco focusing on the game's Film Director mode.

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    Wow! This is really misleading. I have the game and the Film Director is not as robust as this trailer makes it out to be. Most of the footage they use in this clip is from the games cut scenes which feature camera angles NOT AVAILABLE in the Film Director mode, including zooms, tracking shots, shots which focus on cars other than you, shots which change focus from one car to another, and those shaky handheld shots. The Film Director mode is not even as good as it was in the first game. This is blatant FALSE ADVERTISING!!!


    I liked the demo, and I get it tomorrow, guess I never grow up, but who cares, gotta have some fun right! Thumbs up on this one, guess I see some of you on-line soon, Sunday drivers or not, the riot starts now!


    I remember the original Driver 1 and 2 and I spent a lot of time in the film editor. It was extremely robust for the time and this one looks to bring that aspect back.