Dragon's Dogma Title Update and DLC Trailer

The adventure continues with a new title update and DLC content announced for Dragon's Dogma.

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    to my account the only thing this game needs is a fast travel option, i wish the developers could update that


    @Amuro_Rei I know this late but you probably already figured it out maybe...but the fast travel is the port crystals that you can lay on different areas in the map.yes i know you cant port crystal every area because of a limit amount you can place in areas but look at it this way there getting some where with the fast travel with this game.


    I have such a love hate relationship with this game. I love it in the day time when I can see the beautiful graphics, and hate it at night when I can't see a thing. I love traveling to a new part of the map, I hate traveling there 10 more times. I love the fighting mechanics, and hate the story. Maybe part two will be better.


    It's a shame they tell me about this now, I've already traded this in. This is an excellent game, truly great, but it has poor replay value. For one, once you get to a certain level, things ease to be a challenge, even when I avoid using gamebreaker techniques. And of course, no real New Game+; you restart will all of your skills, but enemies don't level up with you, making it very boring.

    That said, the addition of a Hard more and additional content will make this a re-buy in the very near future.

    If you're curious, I traded the game in for Darksiders 2. No regrets.


    *cease, not "ease".


    I love this game, but I have too many issues that really harm the overall experience.

    Too small world, and quests/story that repeatedly forces you to travel over and over the same places, tedious travel with same old enviroment.

    Un-appealing, clunky looking characters and worlds, a single city which isn't a great fun to stay at, un-inspired dialog with poorly made "game type" animations.

    Too limited moves, especially since you can only carry 3 of each or 3 totall. instead of combining Light and Heavy and the many buttons of the gamepad to form countless amazing combos DMC/Bayonetta style. Hence combat can get real repeatitive, real fast.

    Some seriously dated and un-attractive visuals and execusion..

    Game is barely story driven, and while sometimes its pretty amazing, it feels un-polished in the end.

    That being said, one of my favorite games, only that after playing it for a while, I felt reluctant to continue.

    If you would open another Gransys size landscape or 2, and find a few more cities and dungeons, and a bunch more monsters... that would have been the one of the best games of all time.

    Throw it in a world of Skyrim, or story style of DMC4 or Witcher 2, and you got a game that would have blown everything else out of the water..


    @GunEye I will give you most of your criticisms, I would even add the lack of a story guide (I missed huge swathes of story because I could not work out what to do next).

    But I can not give you lack of combat moves that is plain wrong. Just the Assassin class has 58 combat moves that can be assigned dependant upon build. That is before the magic classes that have very different combat styles, and because you can switch as you feel like there must be at least 200 different combat moves, which is more than any other console RPG I can remember.

    Bayonetta (with its terrible, repetitive QT boss combat) is not comparable to dragons dogma it is comparing a AA title with a B title. DMC may be more comparable in quality of game, but really is a different genre of game. imo of course :D


    @GunEye i love this game too ...but i agree with almost everything you said....few combat moves , small world , only one city ( boring city ) ...it could have been be perfect ....what a shame such potential wasted.. :(


    @Stardust7 yes, this is exactly what I feel.. what a shame! Now the thing is, people say theres going to be Dragons Dogma 2 since the game sold well. Now don't get me wrong, I would love to see more titles of thisfranchaise - but unless they really improve and make some changes - this just won 't cut it you know? Make or use a new engine. Bigger world. Bigger game. Higher ambitions


    @GunEye How DARE you say anything bad about this game!!! My inner fanboy will NOT stand for this!!


    I stopped playong after getiing platnum but might replay this at hard mode!!


    Among the top 5 or top 3 sort of RPG that has been released in the current generation along of course with: Demon Souls, Dragon Age Origins and Dark Souls with such games theres really no need for me to play MMO and outside of this list games from this genre are from average to mediocre kindly saying


    Underrated or the most underrated? With the addition of hard mode my biggest complaint with DD will be fixed. I just want to know how big the expansion is going to be now and if I can do a speed/hard run at the same time.


    Game is epic no doubt. To me this is perhaps the closest video game to actually try to deliver a hardcore fantasy universe. Not perfect, but the gameplay and graphics alone is beyond what ive seen in decades of gaming. That being said. DLC looks lack luster.


    Getting this for sure. The boss fights are so epic in this game.




    HELL YES!!!


    hope it's coming 2 PC


    This and Too Human are the two most underrated titles of this console generation!


    @aboghannam While I agree with you. Too Human is a whole different level of underrated from Dragon's Dogma. Reviews made Too Human sound completely unplayable. Most complaints about Dragon's Dogma are typical 2012 ADHD complaints.


    @aboghannam its so true ...the animation is beautiful and the fighting system is one of the best that i ever seen ....the only problem is the short map ...


    Just so you all know: Both Speedrun Mode and Hard Mode are free Title Updates.

    The DLC is an Expansion for Dragon's Dogma called "Dark Arisen" coming out in 2013.

    Here's the link: http://www.gamespot.com/news/dragons-dogma-getting-major-expansion-in-2013-6396945

    Fact check before you make a fool of yourself.


    Eh, they already talked about about making a sequel. I'd rather wait for that.


    Finally coming to PC.


    Bit*c , please. You want me to pay to have a new difficulty added to the game ?


    @suplax Speedrun/hard mode are free, the rest is not however.


    would have loved to see new creatures. clocking 300+ on this shit and I usually put games down super quick **eh hem* skyrim*

    what was that?

    oh nothing :)


    Just waiting for this game to go down in price. Still 60 bucks!


    don't see a point for a hard mode as the game was not hard or very easy it just felt right


    This shouldn't be called DLC. It should be called patch.


    @Xpyder That's good to know, I thought they were going to try and sell hard mode etc. Gamespot should be more clear. I love this game and was majorly disappointed before you informed us.


    Too little too late


    They should release all those games on PC with delay! one or two months but extra content! just like Dark Souls did. stupid pirate faqers force us we buy console version on games! and developers stop making PC ports!


    finally a suitable challenge


    Finaly! a hard mode i stoped playing right after i got the hydra head to the castle cuz it was to easy hoping they would give us a hard mode but they gave us a easy one XD so happy tho!


    @whitejackel you gave up too early. There were tons of difficult challenges that made the early game awesome. Admittedly the mid game did get a bit easy but the first time you fought the ogres who seemed utterly invulnerable, just great :D


    @whitejackel i stoped playing right after i got the hydra head to the castle cuz it was to easy that or your just lazy


    @whitejackel You two are kidding, aren't you? Whitejackel, you basically stopped playing after the tutorial. And Mr_Mark_Legion, do you know how rare exploding arrows are? Especially if you use them ten at a time.

    That's without going into the postgame stuff. Just when the game starts to get easy, it kicks you in the balls and ramps up the difficulty.


    Damn it!!! i already traded mine at gamestop!!!


    I love Dragon's Dogma, so new content is very welcome. Hope the new additions will be good.


    @avannn They are adding Speedrun mode and hard mode this year and in 2013 they're releasing a full blown expansion to the game, chill out.


    http://www.gamespot.com/news/dragons-dogma-getting-major-expansion-in-2013-6396945 well something like that i was talking about :)


    so they added a Chrono and HARD mode ?? why dont they add Decent DLC like using Horses or a new MAP AREA where the border caves are or another kingdom, or even an island will be ok, they have plenty of undiscovered sea to use...