How can TSM not see how Chaox contributes to TSM as a team with the tactics and everything. Chaox is a very solid player, playing safe in lane and good positioning in teamfights. And I dont understand how Reginald and the rest of the team can kick this guy out after some mistakes after one week, 

Even Oddone said that Chaox usually was the one to go try.hard and getting all serious. I agree that his attitude was immature. But benching him for one week was more than enough of a punishment for him. As I was watching his stream, he even tried to learn draven to have a larger champion pool, which makes the dicision even more curious. one of the main points of Xpersial and dyrus was that he needed some time to learn those champions.

 I thing that they were completely unaware of chaox pracricing them as they were playing in the LCS, So the dicision of kicking Chaox off the team was very hasted by Reginald in my opinion, and was very much influernced by the arguements he had with Chaox in previous weeks days... Oddone stated that probably Chaox or Reginald had to go which is in my opinion complente nonsence. Because Reginald himself called this a bussinuess, which means, all he care for is the money. Reginald himself has declared his removal 2 times (correct me if i am weong) and is still on the team and these are just some silly statements after his poor plays in S2.

 And as a manager or proffesional competitor you simply dont kick one out of your team after 1 flaus. I guess I dont have all of the fact to support my statement, but what i have seen of Gamecribs is a load of crap. Its not even legal to kick one out of the house in a couple of hours. And if they are so "proffesional" and all about management, they should know this.

Sorry for Bad grammar or just horroble sentences