Demon's Souls - Going for the Achilles Gameplay Movie

Fight a giant dark knight in Demon's Souls.

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    lol this person sucks


    lol, he doesn't even go after the archers, what a noob!


    This looks fantastic! And I have no problems with absurdly difficult games, better that then absurdly dumbed down games. Graphics are awesome, game play looks awesome, I think I'll be picking up my copy up tomorrow.


    If you rag on the 360, in respose to someone insulting this game(regardless of his reasons) you are just as bad as he is. Plain and simple. I have seen plenty of these arguments on 360 comment boards from PS3 users about exclusive games. And even some that weren't exclusive, sadly enough.


    This fight is going to be very very hard.


    could someone please tell me when this comes out in Australia, and why is it so hard to get any info.?


    Does any one know when is it coming to Europe?


    lool @gangs40 , is there a game that does?


    This looks absolutely fantastic!


    o.O gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 days left!!! ILL BUY! I don't want to see anything to spoil my curiosity!! lol no more videos please! ;) .... looks like it plays smooth and will be a refresh to my taste!!!


    By the way..this looks better than any 360 rpg to date


    first of all you retarded 360 fanboys,(scphan,Janpieterzun,xcr33px, and all you others) this game has fantastic visuals, great looking animations, and the combat and or gameplay looks really fun, and its quite pathetic eversince 2008 you xbox360 fanboys you guys have been losing the console wars so badly, you guys have to make up complete lies to pathetic


    i love tha pu$$y


    Read a review for it there now and it really sounds like my kinda game, can't wait for it now cause there are feck all rpgs for the ps3


    iv got this game and its THE best rpg game ever made. yes its hard as s**itbut it dosnt have to be for hard core rpg fans, im not but this game is amazing


    its not interesting me that much, and no its not just because i have an xbox, im not a fanboy and i do like some ps3 exclusives, like infamous, but this just doesnt appeal to me as much as dragon age, its just not looking like my sort of game. the gameplay just doesnt appeal to me for some reason


    if you know the story that he have a Specials power then you will know how he block the attacks with his small shield


    Will everybody stop hating this game already. This is a great game, the only problem is that the game is Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry 1 in one game. Which means the game is extremely hard. But when was the last time a RPG had a online mode where you can leave hints for other players and mess them up at the same time. Also why are you people saying no one has played this game hundreds of thousands of people have played the full game, it came out in Japan and people in America imported it.


    i NEED this game


    How can a little shield hold a attack of a giant? This game obbeys a lot the laws of the phisic


    i dont understand how that tiny shield protects him from so much


    Everyone that has imported this game has had nothing but good things to say! I can't wait for it to come out! The way they are implementing the online portion of their game is far more innovative than ANY rpg to come before it. And being able to level your character up to level 200!!! The only rpg that gives you that much gameplay is Disgaea!


    Magic shield i ment of course


    Its on my wish list for sure.!! Probably a maic sheild as it lights up before he blocks...not uncommen n rpg is it? Game looks very good. And nothing comes close to my beloved Final Fantasy. Is import like Japanes text etc? Else i just might. Dont know if i can put down Monster Hunter Unite tho..the best challenging game ever!!


    GUYS this is a great game dont make bad comment to tis game so fast until u actually play it . ITS THE BEST GAME I HAV EVER PLAYED


    Well it seems like a very good game. But the ground doesnt break when the big knight smashs the ground....and that tiny guy can block that gaint spear. Well you cant blam em couse its a game about demons and such etc so of course it wouldnt be "THAT" realistic but hey it seem a good RPG game and I havent had a good one since Final Fantasy X.


    got this game cant put it down, but its really hard


    this is going 2 be a dissapointing game i bet


    Rocks flying everywhere. But the ground undamaged. A small (about 1 foot in diameter) shield blocking those big blows? It doesn't make any sense.


    Did he really just block that big ole sword with that tiny shield? really?? wow...


    @breathnac does giant monsters automatically mean shadow of the colossus(great game btw)? I don't c ne climbing, looking for the weak spot of the monster. in fact other than the knight being big i don't c many elements from shadow of the colossus


    This game doesnt really look too good to me =/


    I usually dont comment but i haf to say sumthing abt this game. BEST GAME i d ever played for a decade. all the other rpgs can go to the bin already. I think not even diablo 3 can par this game. ( just check out diablo3's colourful disneyland graphic- EEEWWWS) demon's soul: gothic, depressed, epic, the story DEEP and intelligently written. This game makes alot of sense why we are fighting monsters now. btw, im 29 yrs old and i had played watever "top" games so far. none beat this. go get it.


    Honestly, this clip shows a miniscule amount of the actual gameplay. If you haven't imported it by now, you might as well wait for the Deluxe Edition w/ the guide. This game takes the action-RPG to such an amazing isn't the wheel re-invented, but that wheel was certainly given a darn good polish!


    This looks amazing.But with so many excellent games coming out soon i'll wait for the review.


    Just going from this clip, it seems a bit too unrealistic for my taste. That dingy little round shield can block a hit from that gigantic spear? However the Graphics look beautiful, the lighting and shadows are blended well. Just look at that boss' (I believe it is?) plate armour and you can see how much work the Developers put into the graphic department. It's too early for me to judge this game until I see the other movies or play it.


    what a usual looking at the commenting haters posters profiles all play only xbox 360 games.... hmmm... and your commenting on a PS3 exclusive you've never played...hmmm, the console war brings them out all the time.... Please don't bash this epic game just because you don't own the system it's on. If you bash this your bashing it out of jealousy, so please stop....who knows maybe you'll play the game someday and see just how freakn epic it really is!


    @scphan you are dead wrong, dead wrong..... you say no ones played the final version? How about the 100,000+ people who have imported this game already? and the native Asians who are playing it. The games been out since March. The game is fantastic looking. I have it and play it. The animation is top notch. I don't see how anyone could be critisizing this game. it's so epic, it's like Monster Hunter but with Demons as bosses and corrupted souls and other nasties as your standard enemies, with classes and levels on a whole new level. The game is fresh and for people that were pissed about MH going to the stupid wii (thanks a lot capcom...damn you), we get the next gen expeirence we want. Even the most hardcore Xbox fanboys have said this game looks awesome! What does that tell you? oh wait...looking at your profile i see only 360 games but a snake avatar? I can see where this is going.... Please don't bash the game until you tried it, everyone is saying it's epic and great and we have it or played it so give it a rest.


    Awesomness. I love hard games. I always max the difficulty. I never use cheats of any kind. I love rpgs. Specially epic ones. Yay for Demon's souls. :)


    oh forgot a why at the beginning sorry


    ok so is everyone defending this game. Really people i know your trying to be positive and defend a game, but why give people negative marks for their opinion. Second lets be really HONEST dose the game really look like a next gen game. The graphics look like elder scrolls for the Xbox, and the animation looks again like the thrid person view out of oblivion(which was TERRIBLE). Now before everyone starts giving me a "thumbs down" let me see lets not judge a book by its cover. Yes it dose look horrible but none of us have played the final version. But i still think its going to be poooop :P


    most of the guys here dont even realize how good this game is. this game is awesome..the best RPG to date. this game is for real hard core gamers.


    i really don't get why everyone is hating on this... graphics look fine and the game play looks fairly impressive to me... also.. if u have half a brain u can tell the archers are firing at the hero... i mean really the guy that tells them to fire looks evil and almost all the arrows were either really close to hitting the hero or did hit him... like the one at the very beginning of the fight


    Which side were the archers on? They didn't hit the Tower Guard??? Were they trying to hit the Hero?? confusing.


    oh my goodness. just because there is a giant knight it doesnt mean it is a ripoff from shadow of the colossus. im not particularly interested in this game but it looks fun and just because it holds similarity to another game (even though it isnt really similar at all) that's not what you should be criticizing it for. as for the graphics, i dont see why that matters to people so much. It should be more about the gameplay and story which you arent going to be able to judge accurately unless you, y'know, PLAY the game.


    What is this!!! arh!:(


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