Defiance - Starter Guide

We look at guns, dance, tackle an interface, throw a technical foul, and show you how to enjoy Defiance.

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    I agree with darkamor! I too am left handed and CANNOT play Defiance without becoming so frustrated I could scream. Trion added versatility when it comes to creating your avatar... yet the controll settings are set and unchangeable -HOW RIDICULOUS! Hope their sales on this game as well as reviews eventually reflect the HUGE ERROR they made in limiting their target market to ONLY RIGHT HANDED PEOPLE!


    I beta'd & alpha'd the Defiance Game from Trion - my one & only continuous complaint never received an acknowledgement from the Game Developers in the Official Forums ... & that was to address an issue I have with the game controls.

    I am a left handed mouse users that enjoys a game which allows the arrow keys to be used with my right hand (or the numlock with the number keypad) and this game is not left hand friendly.

    If you are a Left Handed game player? Don't even bother downloading and / or buying the Defiance Game (if you're a Game Developer for Trion on this project? Then FUCK YOU for ignoring Lefties & ignoring my posts in the Official Forum)

    I will get into the show on Sci Fi / Sy Fy - because its one of the rare Science Fiction shows on the Network - but the Game is an epic fail (in my opinion)


    Well, the show was "meh" and the "making of" made it pretty clear it's very unlikely it will connect to the game.


    Having some problems with the goals, really random. Goal of killing a boss in under 5 mins and even with my own timer set at us killing the final boss in under 4 mins still not giving us the goal, gets quite annoying and hope its fixed, other than that brill game.


    Looking at some of the comments, I guess no two gamers really can agree on anything, which just goes to show that people will have to try this one for themselves.

    Personally it doesn't really look that interesting to me, but then it looks like most modern third-person shooters.


    All this time i thinking this is completely unrelated to the Tv show. Interesting, i wouldnt play it but interesting.


    This game has 61/100 from journalist and a 6.8/10 from user and the user score keeps going down the game is fun for a couple of hours only. Questing is incredibly repititive go there kill guy press E all the way, the covering system is really bad, the PvP is ruled by bunny hopin shotgun and its been that way since beta so they knew and didnt do a thing about it. This game is a money grab that goes with the show its been rushed out so your paying 60$ for a beta who may never get out of beta. There is free to play game a hundred times better than that. At least wait before buying this it will go down in price really fast.


    @JonC666 wait, there's a cover system? I just stand or crouch behind whatever.

    I quite like the game - gunplay is fun, grenade timer is a little to long early on, and having enemies spawn right next to you sucks when you are using your scope and don't notice they are there until you are almost dead, the quests are repetitive, BUT I am still having fun with it. If more interesting content is added I'll stick around and buy cool junk in-game, otherwise I'll just bail when I max out .. I get bored doing multi-play-through's of the same content ...



    Couple of hour only? bollox. Me and my friend are now going through all the goals toegther and been at it since the game was released on a daily basis, maybe me experiencing it with a good friend enhances the experienced but I'v had hour of fun on this game, always after the goals for the xp and unlockables, awesome.


    Defiance Starter Guide - Play something better.


    Why do most of the women look like vampires from shit late 90's tv shows?


    Hmm let's see how many scifi games are more indepth then Defiance... Firefall, Hawken, Mechwarrior Online, Planetside 2, Tribes: Ascend, Dust 514, Global Agenda, and Warframe.

    Yeah that sums it up.



    Defiance does things that Planetside doesn't. More fun than most of the others. To each his/her own.

    Carpe Diem and bring extra ammunition clips!


    Who cares about all those other games? I know I don't, but I do like Defiance and it is a great game to.

    Gamespot has time to make this video, but they won't do a review.


    It could have used some more WoW influence. Then maybe there would have been something to do.


    Its actually pretty good, I have played loads of MMO's so i have a fair base to compare to others. Firstly thank god its not other wow style game where you have 50 special abilities and have to mod and macro and all that crap. Its simple FPS shooter style so skill is important and the learning curve isn't huge. The game has loads of potential to grow, yes it has bugs but every MMO has been buggy on release.


    A technical foul for not using sci-fi gear? Isn't one of the deals with Defiance is that they don't have that much sci-fi tech which is why Ark gear is so precious?


    @StaticPenguin Basically yeah, they had a war and wiped destroyed most of the best technology.


    Defiance Starter Guide:

    1.: Uninstall Defiance

    2.: Play another good mmo.

    3.: Profit.


    @infinity_ Name a better sci-fi themed MMO shooter where a headshot is actually a headshot.

    Not being sarcastic - other than co-op Borderlands 2, what is there?


    @EvilShabazz Dust 514 for console Planeteside 2 for PC both are free to play both have better graphics less bugs, better PvP balance and yes planeteside has better PvP balance then this tough to believe but true. I will give you its the only one with PVE but at this point wait for Destiny or take a break. The problem is not that much the game but its the price its not even worth 15$ and they have a cash shop on top of that.


    @infinity_ PC players are spoiled

    But we console gamers needed this game

    MMO's are very rare for us


    It's not a bad game at all, just needs (a lot) of developer support.


    @Scorpid77 Agreed - but that can be said of any game that's come out in the last several years. What it needs most at this point is some PC-quality graphics.


    @EvilShabazz @Scorpid77 Graphics mean absolutely nothing in making a game good. What it needs is too more indepth then what it already is. Borderlands 2 has more depth then this game and that's a single player game with multilayer capability. The Metric score is only 65 - 69 for a reason. Because it's an "ok" game.


    @midnight_trashh @EvilShabazz @Scorpid77 uhmmm, I'm actually playing it on PS3 (and it looks bad). More than the graphics, in an MMO I'm looking for a reason to invest my time, so I hope they deliver content and they support they product beyond technical support, there's a lot to add.


    @Scorpid77 you're kinda contradicting yourself in that sentence.


    hummm good...


    Was really not sure about this game at first but it growing onto me the more I play, it still not a super game but there is a lot for enjoyment to have and I still in the early part of the game and it keep getting better.


    I feel sorry for the guy who had to make this video I mean the game is fun but to have to make a guide video for it would be pretty dull. Oh well thats the life of a game journalist I suppose..


    Hmm...seems like impressions of this game are changing over does look interesting, but early on a lot of impressions were negative...have they fixed these problems? I wanna get it but I just can't decide.



    It depends on what system your gonna go with Syrlink. The worst system right now is xbox and pc seems to have issues as well but I'm on the ps3 and I haven't really had too many problems really. The games pretty fun its really easy to burn alot of time in it but if you expect a mmo then your gonna be disappointed its more like a third person shooter open world type of game with social elements thrown in for good measure..


    @BlackBaldwin @Syrlink That sounds really cool actually...I'm on ps3 and I'm kinda kicking myself for passing on the beta, but betas sometimes ruin games for me so maybe it was a good thing.


    Thank you for this, this will help me quite a bit.


    Pretty good summary video - but from how it started out - watched the first 14 mins online, watched Firefly, played too much Borderlands 2 - am I really that predictable? :P


    @Avenger1324 watching firefly is never a bad thing no matter the reason.


    I don't know what to think of this game and don't see any actual reviews of it around yet.


    Finished the campaign and side quest's etc, going through all the goals with a friend, half way through and think it's great. Through enjoyment alone this is the best most enjoyable game I'v played so far this year.


    @Yodake @LukeWesty there is no end for the campaign they will keep adding story missions, episodes missions, side missions weekly with show.

    The game is just brilliant and absolutely enjoying it to no limit



    About 6 days but I was doing all side quests and other stuff


    This game is awesome


    The game is somewhere in between.


    this game is bad


    Having gotten to about EGO 275, I'm finding it to be a good first draft of a Borderlands/Planetside hybrid. The graphics on the PC could use a little love - they're console quality, but the gameplay makes up for it - at least for the first hundred hours.



    No they are a lot worse than the normal console game but I have no problems with this and it was expected from an mmo.


    @LukeWesty @EvilShabazz DC universe(free to play) and Final Fantasy XIV had really good graphics for console and both are MMO so i dont see why it was expected if both of those game had good graphics 2 years ago.


    How much real money you have to pay in game to open lockboxes and other stuf to so you get the full experiance?


    @DeKuip you don't need to pay real money to open lockboxes, but the option is there for those who don't have time to play much and get in-game resources.


    @DeKuip That was something the person speaking in this video was mistaken about. You *can* buy lockboxes with bits, but you can also buy them with in-game currency. Frankly, buying them with bits isn't worth it because the chance that you will actually get something good is fairly low, and buying them with bits is expensive. Buying them with keycodes/scrips however is not that expensive.


    The answer is nothing because if you play the game you unlock it for free but if you had the game you would know that


    @Marshydude1 I was asking because i mifht want to buy Defiance



    VOX clan playing defiance and loveing it :)


    Wot ego are you i am 475


    @Marshydude1 1298 atm but im one of the lower ego levels in the clan :)


    Nice you must of put in some hours to get that ego I put about 50+ hours in I keep getting distracted and doing other things in the game lol I love this game


    Good good am liking this game loads




    And want to say thanks to trion for my free stuff that was given to me because of surver probs at the start that have now been fixed


    If you aren't sure about the game for whatever reason; watch giantbomb's play through, they talk about a lot of the issues in the game and go into pretty good detail about how the game actually is; but I'll just add this in here as well. If I'm on the top of a hill with a sniper rifle and I aim for the head, it's not a random dice roll if the shot hit's the head, it's all pure aim. Shotguns are a blast to use, and sniping from about a mile away hasn't gotten old yet. 10 hours in and loving it.


    Nice presentation here! Hilarious ending :) This is an addictive game once you get into it.


    I have this game on ps3 and most of the bugs have been fixed this is the first mmo for ps3/Xbox so of course PC people are not a fan that's because they have so many mmos on there platform and let me say this game is loads of fun lots with lots to do you can play on your own or in a team and this game gets the thumbs up because you can't complete it in 2hours


    @Marshydude1 FFXI and PSO was on consoles


    Not sure i herd of them my mistake thanks for putting me rite what were them games like I would of bought them


    Well, I'm still on the fence about the show and game. The show because as I am currently watching a preview of it they're saying a sci-fi show has never been this ambitious, I think Steven Moffat would like to argue that point (especially since reviews currently say Defiance starts with relatively generic characters). And the game because it looks rushed to be out for the show. Also, stop with the fraking Dodge Challenger product placement during every preview, ad, or review in progress video (at least ign does it, more to make fun of it, but still, it's annoying, more in the show preview since they say how realistic it is to have a challenger, even though I see far more mustangs on the road and chrysler obviously wanted to get their car all over the show[well, technically it goes dodge, chrysler, fiat]).


    I hate this game solely because of all the goddamn ads of it playing right before videos i wanted to watch. Advertisers, let this be a lesson to you. I won't play your stupid game because you spammed it on me TOO MUCH.


    Angry Joe had some really nasty things to say about this game, and from what I can see I'm not impressed either. Its an MMO, so I'm pretty much done with those after years of WoW...unless Elder Scrolls Online pulls a surprise anyway.


    So are Single player games relevant? this is a good question as I look at my friends list and see nothing but multiplayer titles on my friends screen and no single player gam es. COD which I hate and Defiance which is not doing good in the ratings department. and I played the beta for about 6 hrs it is a fun game and addicting but it looks like it was made in 2005 with alot of bugs and server problems. but yet we have a critically acclaimed game like bioshock Infinate which is tearing up in reviews might even get GOTY other than Last of US and GTA 5. but yet I see no one on my list playing it. So I say again is Singleplayer games relevant anymore pls post your responses below.



    Dude. of course single player games are still relevant.

    look at how d3 is played. They're planning on removing the auction house too, people just like playing alone.


    Oh for fucks sa- a preview, impressions, a starter guide, a review IN PROGRESS even, but no actual review! You would think it was out for weeks already if you didn't know better! Just dont bother us until you have a review! You know, the one everyone is waiting for? Then you can hit us with all the post review stuff!

    "We look at guns, dance, tackle an interface, throw a technical foul, and show you how to enjoy Defiance." But we dont just fuckin review it already.


    @brxricano Its an MMO dude, relax, it takes tie to get to end game stuff if there is any.


    @desauce @brxricano its an MMO there IS no end game its episode after episode, and even if the series gets cancelled theyll just keep making up episodes until ppl get tired pf playing, at which point "if there is any"=turn off the servers, which still doesnt count as an end game, so YOU relax dude. WHERES THE REVIEW!