Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - Core Fighters Trailer

Take a look at this trailer which highlights the features and functionality in the free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters, which is available free of charge via the PlayStation Network.

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lol the description on PSN says you can play as any character, except for some "certain characters" XD I found it funny since you can actually only play certain characters. The rest you have to buy which are unavailable at the moment?

But your DOA5 save will carry over which is cool... well it should since it is basically the same game :S

And unlike Tekken Revolution, you can play it offline if you want.

I already have DOA5 vanilla. So may get the the disc version of this when it becomes really cheap or heck they may even release a newer version later :S


I wonder if Gamespot will ever review this game like how they review Tekken:Tag Tournament 2.