Dark Souls II - E3 2013 Stage Demo

Watch the Dark Souls II demo from Stage 1 of GameSpot's E3 2013 coverage.

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    "...wielding a halBREAD..."


    hope they improve on the multiplayer system


    Why is it that those demo trailers always have some noob playing the game. Iam sure i could have played that demo ten times better. :-)


    Im really liking the look of the next game. In a world with so much cartoony art, we really need more realism games like this.


    I guess I am the only one who is not excited. I don't even like Dark Soul I. Thank God it was on sale....


    Can't wait. I'm gonna be tearin it up as a dual wielding bad ass chick. What I loved about Dark Souls was how immersive it was. I felt really isolated and afraid when I went into each new area and saw new enemies. And you couldn't be distracted or you would get killed easily. I can't believe we have to wait till March of next year.


    @saintwu Yeah i also remember the feeling of fear when i came to a new area and just didnt know what to expect - then suddenly a sword just came out of nowhere and scared the life out of me. :-P Awsome!


    Bring it on..... :D I'll get this on PS3.


    hope it's better then the first dark souls that game was a mess


    @Arxgrimr I thought I was the only person who thought that Dark Souls wasn't as good as all the fanboys said,I mean it's still a good game but no where near as good as everyone makes it out to be.Same goes for Demons souls.



    Say What?? Where have you been under a rock?
    Dark Souls is one of, if not the greatest game ever!


    Can't wait for this game, hope it's even harder than the last.


    Man I've gotta play the first one, sounds like a gaming challenge.


    @drokmore Its is. A lvl 1 can kill you if you are not careful and that is even if you are much higher lvl.


    So glad for a new Souls as it's one of my favorite 'franchises', I guess, this gen. Take my money Namco!


    Did you guys honestly enjoy DS? I tried it for an hour or two but couldn't get into it. I'm thinking of trying again but if I didn't like it early does it get better?


    @Moun7ainMan Takes a lot of hours learning the controls and tactics. Grinding at the start, but this bitch deserves it.... you'll fall in love :)


    @Moun7ainMan the game definitely gets more interesting and detailed as you go, but it also gets harder as well.


    Damn, I'm still stuck at Sen's Fortress. I need to put some more work into DS before this one comes out.



    Me too pretty much. I bet Demon Souls a couple times but my job has prevented me from giving Dark Souls my full attention ( as well as being distracted by other game)


    I can't wait for this march can't come soon enough


    I will be disappointed if there is no fast ranger/archer class type.


    It's looking more like Demon Souls. Something about the characters look a bit more toon'ish then Dark Souls.


    Haha Tanimura always just sits there like he doesn't give a flying f*ck



    I kept thinking that he was sleepy or jet-lagged.Talk about aloof!


    @kohle36 I have noticed that too and it's pretty cool.


    They improved illumination, lighting, and shadows tremendously. Dark Souls isn't known for graphics, but these aspects make a big difference with environmental immersion and atmosphere.


    Finally! What took them so long to upload this Stage Demo!?


    It saddens me that I have to wait until March. AND that it won't come out for the PS4. I was hoping to sell my PS3 but I guess that's not happening.


    I really don't like this franchise...


    @Zenwork21 That sucks man... If only the world was centered around you.


    The sound effects of the swords making contact are kindof weird. Otherwise, me likey.


    it is very interesting to know about the whole lore concept of it,... because in the first one, it is based on the fading flame which is also just an illusion, i am not sure how does this Dark souls 2 connect with the first one, because we still see bonfire in the game, and all the bonfire was created by Gwyn, so therefore i can say that Gwyn still exist in dark souls 2, i think it is not exactly a sequel to Dark souls 1, it might be a Pre-quel to Dark souls 1


    Oh my God, I want to play this game. Never wanted to play the first one though. Don't have the nerves for it.


    @souther_hill You do realize this one is supposed to be harder than the first one, right?


    Moving a little fast...


    Who else wants to fight an un-crippled titanite demon that has a head? Or Artorias with his shield before his arm was broken?



    Yes and no. I was scared to death of some of those enemies! LOL I didn't let that stop me from playing though.


    @SoulxReaperx366 now you got me thinking what a titanite demons head and face look like..


    @redeer haha I've been thinking that ever since i saw the first one, i figured later in the game I'd run into a full one, that the one at the bottom of the parish was a crippled one.


    @4:40 How interesting, my fighting also relies on miracles...


    Especially in that last fight, I never did learn to parry/riposte very well.


    OH MY GOD I wanna play it now!


    8:27 How embarrassing for the Dark Souls team to have a Phineas and Ferb Error during their stage demo, I hope they get this ironed out before release.


    @roganth I actually came here to see Phineas and Ferb. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.


    I would buy this game if I could play it.


    @bradaz85 No chance, I tried to play the first one and gave up. I kept on dying, over and over again.


    @19James89 If you do, keep in mind that combat in DkS is a slower, more tactical affair than most action rpgs. It's difficult, but consistently so. You have to be cautious, try to engage enemies one-on-one, and always keep an eye on your stamina. Even 'really hard' enemies always telegraph their attacks and give you time to react - just takes a bit to learn their movesets (and you WILL die doing it). It takes some players a bit to get used to, but it's definitely worth the frustration if you stick with it.


    That's right! at least untill you go to Blightown...and Tomb of the Giants...and the Crystal Cave, also the Great Hollow and the first part of Lost Izalith...


    @bradaz85 @19James89 its not really new its just something that got lost in video games this generation lol,its literaly like a 3d castlevania


    @cinerius It is so frustrating, it had me in fits of rage and like Montgomery Burns I collapsed into a lifeless heap on the floor. Dark Souls is a brilliant game, I just wish I wasn't bad at it. I may give it another shot at some point.



    Personally I felt that the Undead Burg up to the Capra Demon was the most difficult part. After that you get pretty used to the combat and if you upgrade a bit your weapons you're good. As Bradaz85 wrote, just try and get past the first part, then you're all set to kick ass.


    @19James89 @bradaz85 But thats the point, Trial and error, Thats the way they made it. I died a lot, and I learnt a lot from it, like where and where not to go at the start! It brings something new to the gaming table and it is much loved. I realise it isnt for everyone, but you should try and get past the first part.