Crysis 3 - Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Check out the latest trailer showcasing the tactical warfare and sandbox gameplay of Crysis 3’s multiplayer.

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I've played Crysis 3 multiplayer beta. 

The crash site mode is cool. It runs fluently and fun to play through 10 mins or score until 200 pts. But it's really difficult to kill each other especially when everybody's cloaked :) You need to be more stretagic instead of being hardcore. Plus great use of cepth technologies and wepons or any items around the envioroment.

The hunter mode: It's really cool to have a bow and great feeling of using it. But THE 2 MINUS OF HUNTING TIME IS TOO SHORT. Especially against 14 cell troops. When you get killed as a cell troop you spawn as a hunter and try to hunt the remaining cells because every cell dies converts to a hunter. But when you get killed just a small time before the clock runs over, it doesn't feel good. The match finishes before you undersand what's going on.

So I don't think the timing is balanced.


Please upload source video. It may be 400MB.