Crysis 3 - 7 Wonders Episode #2: The Hunt Trailer

Are you ready for the thrill of the hunt in Crysis 3.

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    this is a MUST PLAY !


    you guys think Crytek will make a Wii U version? Id like to see what they could do with the Wii U hardware, since its GPU Is better.


    @ChiefFreeman Even if the GPU is better they wont make a whole new graphic change just for the wii u, the best chance for a wii u game to have amazing graphics is if someone develops it solely for the wii u.


    good graphics boring game


    @inso-maniac Boring game!!? Wow you must be a secret agent or a contract killer in real life to find this game boring dude! Give your head a shake.


    cool! I will buy pc version


    The first trailer has been out for a week and there's been just 5 comments, this one has been out since yesterday and has 3 comments, both were on the frontpage - Yes, these trailers trying to hype up the game release sure do pay off.

    Game looks boring, nothing to get me excited to be seen, besides a (admittedly pretty) graphics demo.

    If it's playable offline, doesn't require EA's Origin trojan DRM, no MyCrysis account registration and includes the Sandbox editor (which is hopefully usable offline again like the one from Crysis 1) perhaps I'll give it a try though (after a -75% sale in a year).


    @bloody-hell Looks like a hell of a game but I have to agree that prices are waaaayyy to steep out of the box. Will wait for a greatest hits sale in about 6-9 months.


    Very good trailer.


    Waiting impatiently for this to come out.