Crimson Shroud - Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Crimson Shroud.

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    Looks interesting and it's like a 5 dollar game and it's supposed to have hours of play.


    Looks dumb


    Couldn't seem to get over the fact that they were just figures that just got rocked around a bit. I kept expecting something to burst out into motion...

    Really didn't say much except that it's an interesting idea. Can't decide if it's a great idea or a lazy one.

    The gameplay has to be rock solid to stand up without all the "flashy stuff" you see in games like Disgaea, I think. Actually... why would you play this rather than Disgaea or Tactics Ogre?



    now you see with this kind of gameplay you could have made yugioh dungin dice monsters


    sounds like a nerd's roleplay game cept you don't dress up


    This SHEEEEET aint worth the Pixrels they wasted on their MELTDOWN to Greed- DEfinite PASS- don't waste your CASH or COmments- this is SHEEEEET~!