Command & Conquer will not be Pay to Win

Kevin chats with Lead Designer Samuel Bass to learn more about the reasoning behind making Command & Conquer free to play at E3 2013.

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    such a disappointment I loved generals and when I heard generals 2 was coming out was really excited one player game is vital another licence destroyed by EA is any one at EA in any way still in touch with the gamers shame shame shame on you EA!!!!!


    FTP hasn't worked for a RTS yet. It didn't work with AoE, it's not going to work here.

    I do think FTP can work for MMOs, but like attaching MMO gameplay elements to non-MMOs doesn't generally work, FTP for non-MMOs has not worked very well either.

    This seems like a desperate hope to recycle and tired franchise.


    i just wan single player campaign....


    For F--k sakes EA, you've already sent the command and conquer series to its grave, now you want to pull it out just to butcher it again? Let the series rest in peace, please


    If its really not pay 2 win then im in, it looks amazing and i love the art and graphics it also looks like it plays just like a CnC game when kevin said it felt like a CnC game it just sold me


    bring it on to PS4 this is one of 2 products I will spend money on EA


    IDK what to think about this installment, yet. I'm still enjoying Generals Zero Hour.


    Hey EA, I have given up on C&C after you bought it from Westwood and fucked it up beyond recognition. That's when I started hating you. Keep fucking it up with this crap and I will continue hating you for it.



    @Ollac RA2 is my favorite C&C but Generals/Zero Hour, C&C 3/Kane's Wrath, RA3 were good games. C&C 4 just looked like it was rushed & didn't have much of a budget, even the guys making this game said "We want to wash away the stain that was C&C 4."

    Just looking at the game, much more work has been put into it then C&C 4 so i look forward to the beta.


    @Vegamyster Yeah C&C 4 was rushed and didn't have much of a budget. The devs had to come up with something "new" because they didn't want to make a C&C 3.5 ...
    I've played C&C 4 when it was in beta phase and I enjoyed it. Multiplayer wasn't really bad but I have to agree that the game is the worst in the series...
    I have so much hope in this new game. Gameplay looks cool and the units are moving and acting like the units in the old C&C games:) If they telling the truth about the "not pay to win" part and add a campaign (as they mentioned before) then it will be a fantastic game!


    @Ollac Hey there is a way for this game to be good; new graphics. same code for functionality from old zh :D


    @sertechexnet @Ollac Sam Bass, lead designer of this game, was also lead designer on C&C 4. Take from that what you will