Combo Breaker - Lady Boompants (Fallout: New Vegas)

What do you get when you combine a nuclear wasteland, a sackful of grenades, and Johnny? Exploding pants. Lots of them.

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    best show on gamespot xD


    Teabagged? But it's LADY Boompants!


    ya bored noobs do this ...cheat and have fun


    Loved it!




    dat tgm


    Gamespot need to host a minecraft server for us all imo :) Can you imagine the strangeness! or better still a GMod server. The insane lunacy would be epic.


    You only beeing so tough because you play in god mode . God mode is for sissies! I would like to see you pull off theese stunts without it If ya wana show you tough killing evryone without guns try it without god mode you should try stealing candy from a baby without it maybe you'll feel better that way.


    o. o thot it was pretty funny, might even go pick up the game since its only like 9 dollars now lol well, unless fallout 3 was better? havent played ANYTHING in the falllout series before since i got a ps3 aftr the fallout hype had died. but seeing this deffinitely got my attentioon xD i see it in the store all the time but had no idea wat it was like. but if any one feels like it, do let me kno whch of the two was better: fallout 3 or new vegas!


    @Zangoosedude If you have a decent PC by no means get it on console. Mods make both games even better. I say get both if you can. They're set in opposite sides of the U.S. and have very different feels. New Vegas has the better combat system, but The D.C. Wasteland is more unique, I would say. Really though try to get both if you can, they should be dirt cheap by now.


    LOL, "Brahmin Grenaaade"


    Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.


    What a fool...


    That was funny as hell :D


    MYAHAHAHAHA priceless. Ruin Half Life 2 next.


    Soon as a I saw Fallout on the homepage I got excited and it's just Johnny pissing about on Vegas...


    Haha Jonny 'Lady boom pants' are you sure when you were t-bagging everything in sight.........even the gecko! lol


    As always Johnny is one of the main reasons why Gamespot is my gaming site of choice. Bravo good sir, bravo!


    Best host and best show on Gamespot. This show needs to be on every day! (Or at least every week)


    i havent played FONV in a long time, but after seeing johnny soooo reinstalling lol.


    Brahmin part was gold.


    If you're gonna keep doing this show you need to be more creative in your douchebaggery.

    Evil scheming is where it's at ;D

    T-bagging and pocket grenades works as filler but not as a full show.

    Why is it they always notice live grenades but never ones with the safety on btw. That bothered me when I played the game myself.

    It's sort of fun to make Boone shoot innocents in front of the dinosaur.

    All in all it's a mediocre show but it's better than the constant gender or games are evil, debates that pops up along with the "publisher makes a stupid opinion public" articles that flood GS daily.


    Well i actually enjoy games thats throws away the concept of lvling. Age of wushu being the frist example i could think of, followed by eve, city of heroes maybe.


    That was amusing.


    I enjoyed this. This would be enjoyable to true fallout fans.


    So, what's the point of this video?


    Hahaha... Johnny is hilarious


    lol way to confront Benny with Death claws XD


    I envy your job man.


    There is something seriously wrong with you Johnny lmao, but that is why we love you :-D


    Somehow I don't think this video will help games in the gun debate.


    @LtJef As long as Johnny doesn't go on a real life rampage I don't think it will hurt them.


    "You can be my little Gecko buddy" :) LMAO


    @LtJef Honestly the Gecko knew what was coming which is why he ran away. Johnny had god mode but I'm sure Mr. LittleGecko didn't have it, and well Fatboys tend to kill eeeevvvveeerrryyyyttthhiiinnngggg lol


    haha, this one suits you Johnny, inventive maliciousness and teabagging


    lmao this was awesome, he sounds so innocent while casually tea-bagging a bloody Brahmin!


    empty hollow shallow redundant crap crap crap I hate this game hahahah


    a dumbed down game for dumbed down people


    Fallout sucks ass


    Man, this was better than a goodnight story - I nearly fell asleep :p

    ......Johny, you sick puppy :D


    *casual singing while chopping off a leg*


    I don't think I will watch another one of these, it didn't even rise to the level of Bad it was just Boring.


    @SwallyBoy isn't it a good thing, for a gaming website to focus on, what most games boil down to, fun?


    @SwallyBoy @underoath83 @Scarab83 The thing is, like cornbredx said below, the point of show is revealed within the first minute of the video. You didn't have to watch it to know what it was going to be like.


    I think it's great. Trapdoor Spider Jensen and Lady Boompants!


    @SwallyBoy @Scarab83 Here's an idea, but I know this might be tricky and difficult for you to accomplish. Don't watch things you are not interested in. You can't deal with it? Good. The Internet and gaming articles/videos don't revolve around you.


    OK, here are some suggestions on how to improve the show Johnny boy:

    1. You need 2 presenters. You are very funny on your own anyway but having a wing man/woman is definately the way to go just for the extra banter

    2. The show needs to be shorter, faster and to the point.

    3. The game choice here was pretty bad. Try online sessions in the likes of GTA or Saints Row the 3rd and ruin everyone else's experience. It would be hilarious to see or hear the other players experience.

    4. Needs more DRUGS. Just add more for hilarity.

    Great show and overall I enjoyed this video. Over time this show will be MEGA


    This supposed to be funny or what.


    Not as bad as people are making out, it could do with being condensed though as 11+ minutes of it was too long for me


    @SwallyBoy You sound like an incredibly fun person to be around...



    It's funny how people in the comments miss the part at the very beginning where he says the point of this show is to play games like terrible people.

    Edit: haha "Sorry, your friend can't come" BOOM!


    lol, so much hate for this show.

    for me it's just nice to see johnny taking out his lara-inflicted stress.


    I hope you all realise yo all just got t-bagged by Johnny, enjoy.

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