BLESS - G-Star Trailer

Check out a trailer for BLESS which premiered at the G-Star conference.

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    The graphics look amazing, but I hate those unrealistically gigantic weapons. Yuck


    I hate MMO's - this looks great though! But I just wish it was an RPG.
    I'll still be tracking this to see how it turns out.


    It looks like NEOWIZ made a hell of a job in graphics. Skyrim maybe helped a little in the open world. Very good work.


    This is some photorealistic shit right here man


    Graphics graphics, graphics graphics Graph-graph-graphics!

    Seriously, is that all anyone thinks about anymore? This trailer looked pretty generic to me...reminded me of Fallout, Elder SCrolls, FF Online, Perfect world, and a handful of other games. It did nothing to show off anything that would make it different...and for many players graphics aren't everything.

    If they ARE relying on the graphics to sell it they are going to have to flush out texture details and add more NPCs to the terrains...most of the areas looked a bit empty.


    does anyone else think that the first town looks like dragons reach from skyrrim -.-?


    if u think the graphics are really like this u are a not very smart. have u ever eard about advertising.

    graphics will be worst than wow and, so, worst than skyrim.


    WOW look at the detail, very nice graphics.


    This is what Skyrim should have looked like. The graphics in Skyrim suck.


    @ozzyRENFREW Eh, I personally think the graphics for skyrim actually fit pretty well.


    At first I thought the combat was real-time but after looking at the gameplay, I realized it was a point and click MMO. Pretty disappointing.


    Best looking MMO i've seen since AoC

    Might actually get this