Binary Domain Interview With Toshihiro Nagoshi

GameSpot AU speaks to longtime Sega producer Toshihiro Nagoshi about Binary Domain's focus on in-game storytelling, creating solid AI, and what makes a Nagoshi game.

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Posted by jamesbond2198

This game looks awsome. If this was a terminator game it would be a good terminator game

Posted by Gusz2

i don't understand SEGA, they do great games like yakuza series, bayonetta, resonance of fate, cap. america... but some games that they is a so big piece of shi*, like Thor, iron man... they're instable in the quality of the games they do...

Posted by Gusz2

I, Robot??? where's Will Smith??

Posted by Gooshnads

Chest high walls + Story.. Hmmmmmm

Posted by JimmyCos

At the beginning i thought the chair was his deformed shoulder, lol

Posted by vrossv

the animation of the guys looks cheesy. And the asian guy talking almost looks computer generated.

Posted by Zevvion

When this was first announced I actually thought it would be mediocre. A poor Japanese interpretation of a western game. But the gameplay actually looks decent. Especially later in this video I see some cool segments that seem to be working pretty well. Of course it's way too early to say, but I'm actually keeping a closer eye on this one right now. If the gameplay turns out great, that's great. If it turns out mediocre, it can still be a good game if it has a very engaging storyline. That was what I thought throughout this vid. Seems like the story will definitely play a part in this. I just went from uninterested, to interested on this game.