BF3 Update 1.04 - Side-by-Side Comparison

As promised, we have fun showing you some additions with the 1.04 update.

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    the more I love this game, the more my girlfriend hates it.... :)


    good thing i found for the M249 aim at your targets feet because when you fire it will move up the target, then adjust with the stick as need be


    You are right, quint button after the game is a good idea BUT. It would be a GREAT idea if we had a warning of what the next game will be. I like CONQUEST, but often find myself in a RUSH game. So if we had warning at the end of the game we could quit then instead of waiting.


    Also, shotguns are close to limited medium range only. The barrel of a shotgun is not deisgned for aerodynamic shooting. So they may have ammunition designed for longer range but the farther the shot goes the less accurate it is. Not only that but for a shotgun round to reach targets faster than a sniper rifle bullet is also unrealistic. Its always been a fatal flaw with DICE, they cant seem to make a realistic shotgun in their games. Early USAS12 was so lame, guys would just sit around the map with frag rounds shooting them like artillery. Im so glad they nerfed that weapon finally. One shot from a frag round instant death, one headshot from a sniper bullet 50/50 instant kill /:| really!


    Way to go to the whiners who said that I cant fly my heli around or my plane because I keep getting shot down by STA missiles. Now basically its useless to play anything other than TDM on there anymore, not like i did anyway. Prone to standing is a joke in this game, if you are under fire and prone and you try to stand up, you basically stand still till the animation is done which means you are dead. Weapons are a joke in this game, the high fire rate guns have an unrealistic lack of recoil that makes them fake. LMG's are designed to function as stationary weapons for high fire rates with minimal mobility not run and gun tanks. Fall damage in this game is also a joke, i can fall 5 meters onto some steps and lose almost all my health and then fall two stories and take no damage or have rpg duds that explode with massive detonations but not kill a single thing in its blast radius. Dont even get me started on the planes in the game, ive watched matches where the planes look like they are flying like someone is holding them as they fly around doing impossible stunts that should make them stall. BF3 and MW3 were fun, now they are a complete mess.


    5:50 Doesn't below radar work only air-to-air?


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    @R3DCL0UD The point was you can do it. That’s what you’re not getting. By you saying that PC's have short comings shows how much out of the LOOP you are. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I am not saying consoles aren't easier. Matter a fact you can use your 360 as a hub for your PC. I bet you didn't even know that. There are so many ways to streamline your PC into your living room. You are just too lazy to figure it out if you want. It’s isn’t just for geeks anymore. It isn’t just %10 you should do your research. Seriously what do you think today’s consoles are ? They are just Mini PCs or PC hubs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to get PC gaming in your living room. Then again your misinformed like most people. This is just one example of just building a PC for your Entertainment center. << LINK REMOVED >> With PC’s you have options something you don’t get from any console. Most TV’s are being manufactured with internet on them now. You can even streamline your PC files to your TV’s without the need of the PC being in the living room. Networking is a big factor in this.


    they have slowed down the USAS-12 and toned down the frags, seriously whats the point of shotguns if they are toning them down all the time. You need shotguns that can compete with other guns in the game, now they have toned them down its pointless using shotguns. worked bloody hard getting the USAS now it cant shoot for sh%t even at close range, people complain about it being too powerful, have you seen the power and range of a shotgun in real life or watching documentaries Its Crazy. and people complain about dying all the time, well simple DONT RUN in the open and play better then..... also Snipers need to have a grappling hook, we had it in BF2 on PC why not now. Snipers need high grounds, nothing wrong with that....make it happen people keep dying, then complain that weapons are too powerful, guess what, thats the point, they Kill. You keep dying, means your not playing well.....


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    Can't wait for this.


    Those are some looong comments...


    @sammoth I know you can do that yes. And what percentage of people beyond yourself do that? 10% maybe? Not many. How many people would you say have the TV as their central entertainment system? Most everyone. I don't really care if you can or not. You are a computer geek. Cool I get it. Most people aren't or we'd all be doing that, but we aren't. With me? It's not streamlined. Again look at the evolution of the telephone and compare the PC. Fewer leaps. Why do we have to hook up our PC to the TV when the PC could BE the TV. Try and keep up now. The PC is the TV. The PC is the game console. The PC is in the living room. It's steaming left and right. The living room, on a big screen, comfy couch, streamlined for people that aren't computer geeks and like things streamlined and sexy looking (but hopefully upgradeable). The difference between this and what we have today is why we have consoles. Easier (again for those of us that aren't computer geeks and yes you are), streamlined, in the living room, on a big screen, in front of the couch. Those are the main reasons (outside of cost, which is a weak argument in the longterm) we have consoles. I'm not some console fan boy. In fact, I'm just disappointed we don't have better PCs. As for the some people don't get it, you don't get it. People have different skills many of us don't enjoy screwing around with computers. I enjoy painting and drawing and I'm really good at it. I can make cool illustrations and pictures for my walls. But when I walk in someones house I don't get bent out of shape when I see a lame poster on their wall because I know people have different skills and likes and dislikes.


    @R3DCL0UD WTH are you talking about. You can put any PC in your Living Room this day in age. Most of your TV's have DVI outputs for video cards even HDMI. Corless mouse and Keyboards make the PC a living room experience. You clearly haven't tried to hook it up in your living room or don't know anything about it. while consoles are great they lack the power and depth of a PC. I can even run a PC from any room into my living room if I want. It's all about the know how ? Something people don't get or understand how to do it.


    @Hisaimess2345 If what you say about piracy is true no one would buy consoles now because they could pirate games for computers, in other words if what you say is true people would be doing it already, so why aren't they? Secondly, most games that come to consoles also go to PCs, so I don't see your point. Where have computers evolved beyond power over the last 20 years? It's 2012, I have a phone in my pocket without wires, I can surf the internet, email, text, play games, and use applications for just about anything. 20 years ago the phone was plugged into the wall. Now compare the product evolution of the PC. Much more power obviously, looks better but very little product evolution. The living room wall is where the computer belongs but no one's gotten it there. I think, no offense, but it comes to too many people like you in the industry. People that are very left-brained, great with computers but no big ideas. Sure its easy for you to make a computer but I'd rather go to the pub or work on artwork. It be like me telling you that you don't have to go out and buy all the decorations for your walls, you can just get some oil paints and canvas and paint artwork. Do you want to do that? Are you good at that? Does that sound like a good time to you? Or are you going to go and buy a poster and frame it? It's the same for me with computers buddy. I hope with that example you can understand where a different part of the gaming community is coming from.


    This still won't get me back playing BF3.


    @R3DCL0UD The reason console gaming is successful is because of piracy and that's it. It has nothing to do with "ease of use" or that consoles sell more, although consoles do sell more as an indirect result of devs developing primarily for consoles. Devs and publishers decide to code for consoles because it's more profitable. It takes time to code and optimize a game, especially in today's ecosystem, and devs aren't gonna do it if 90% of the people that play your game are gonna pirate it. PC Gaming died because devs stopped making PC the "main platform" and not because consoles are "easier." Crytek and id are the biggest examples. There's little incentive to be a PC gamer if they're just console ports. However, I still prefer it because I still have my PC hooked up to my TV and home theater system and I can do almost everything a console can do...only a lot better. @oria It doesn't cost $1500 to build a pc that can max out BF3. You can also sell your graphics card in a year or two and just flip it to the newer model since many users will want to SLI or Crossfire with multiple of the same graphics card. You can't update your console essentially for free. You just have to know what you're doing and apparently knowing what your doing isn't "cool."


    Ugh. I used to PC game exclusively, but I just got sick of the process of PC gaming: 1. Buy PC game 2. Take game home, spend 1-4 hours installing and tweaking the game and hardware 3. Start playing game. Get annoyed by performance because I committed the unforgiveable sin of trying to play a PC game with a 3 year old system 4. Spend $2-500 and 4-6 hours upgrading my system 5. Get frustrated because I just spent all that time and money and I still can't use the best settings. Also get frustrated because while I am enjoying my PC experience, I can't play with all of my friends who are playing on a console. 6. Spend $1500-4000 on a new PC, re-install, play for a year, and then buy a new game which requires another upgrade. Now I know, I could play it on lower settings, but then I realized I might as well be gaming on a console, which cost me less then a new video card anyway, and avoid the 3-4 hours of installation and tweaking. PC gaming is for elitists.


    Every page concerning BF3 will become a console war page, it already has. It's funny how when I read in the forums on The Witcher 2 for the 360 lots of PC players are commenting and NONE (That I've seen to sar and I read them alot) of them are starting flame wars. If I were to go to any forum on Crysis (360/PS3) or Crysis 2 (360/PS3)..... So it sums up to this: Not all PC players are arrogant elitists, just a small, very loud and active part of them are. Most console players know consoles can't pump out the graphics a rig can and a m&k provides for better aiming, but a small, very annoying few think they can, who are also very loud and active.


    I think the whole PC vs console argument is intriguing and forgive my relevance to the comments and not to the article. If the PC has such powerful graphics, has been around longer, and has been more powerful, then why is the console market so successful? Why are consoles so successful in the face of a PC's power? I think its best summed up in the PCs failures. I'm not saying consoles don't have failures, but I am saying that consoles still exist because PC CEOs weren't creative enough. 1. Consoles are easier for most people to use. "but, I built my pc no prob brah!" That is your skill set, we all have different skills. We are talking majority here and it has spoken. Consoles are pick up and play machines. 2. Consoles are in the living room. PC whiz kids that run these companies are good at building but not good at being creative and here is a glaring example why: 10 years ago, you are telling me that Microsoft, Apple, IBM, whoever, didn't realize that the living room was where it's at??! Its 2012 and the TV still has the best seat in the house while PCs get relegated to a desk. You didn't realize that TV is shallow compared to the internet? You didn't realize that if you blew up the PC, hung it on a wall, made it sexy, that you could have the ultimate PC/media center? That this would dominate? That is why we have consoles. PCs have too many short comings. The nerds who built them had no vision to see the possibilities, only the know-how to make powerful machines.


    Y U NO take any squad specializations??


    2chase...when it's the SAME game, then graphics DO matter. The 'graphics don't matter' arguement is for classic games and or new games that are great but don't rely exclusively on graphics to sell the game. We're talking the same game here, and once you've seen it on a PC, you're lying to yourself if you wouldn't rather the console version looked the same. Not that there's anything wrong with playing on a console...but to try convincing people that BF3's PC graphics don't really matter much is plain foolish. And as far as 2 close to your eyes PC screen....ever play the game on eyefinity, using 3 or 6 monitors? You CANNOT do that on your lousy console. Also, we PC owners CAN use controllers if we so desire, you on the other hand, cannot use a keyboard and mouse.


    just me or they ruined the game with the new update?


    @PeterDuck You just can't stop can you?


    @devastion913 yeah I know. That way you poor little sensibilities won't get affected Grow up


    @skyvongola13 I live in the USA and I got the update on tuesday when I logged in, where you from?


    @PeterDuck Good, I hope they do.


    hey 2chase, im using a comfortable couch, a huge hdtv AND a controller, all while playing the game at a much higher resolution, and much higher fps than the console.


    lol... i'll take my ridiculously comfortable couch and my huge samsung TV over your way-too-close-to-your-eyes PC screens and PC chairs any day. Plus, I like controllers better than keyboard/mouse. It's just different hand-eye coordination and I have that ish on lock, as do thousands of other players that might agree with me. Gaming sure as hell isn't all about graphics. But if that's what you like, more power to you. Just remember, you never actually catch the dragon.


    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


    @JJB03 Alright, here's how it works: EA/Dice give the server-side software to "trusted partners" to prevent cheating. The companys may then host their own servers (using computers that are placed in a big-*ss warehouse), and may then rent their servers to whoever wishes to have your own server (a clan, etc). Renting servers have always been more complicated with consoles, so what Dice have done, is to offer a much simpler option by hosting their own (?) servers and take payment for it. Hosting servers isn't free, y' know? This is how pretty much all PC-MFPS' work.


    the range reduction will kill alot of things when people do javelin videos.


    I'm not sure about the 360 or PC versions, but I think that along with the quit button they should also remove the chance of ending up in different team (even squad) if you join the match with a squad. Also, not sure if this is possible with a game where servers work like they do, but I would also love not being thrown away from a server that changes to a map I don't have (especially irritating if playing with friends who stay in the server). This would, of course, take a few servers off the list when browsing or matchmaking.


    @devastion913 The first sentence was me saying that my eyes were affected by something The second sentence was me saying that my eyes were affected by the jaggies and medium textures The third sentence was me saying "You guys do know there is such a thing as PC, right?" i.e. no jaggies,no medium textures.And I wasn't being rude for pointing that out.You may want to take a look at rude denigrating comments on this board aiming at consoles.Care to address them too? There is plenty of player input on the patch;I am the only one commenting here.I will defend my integrity if I have to,sure; plus other people don't have to reply to me btw.So address them instead "It's all about intent,and yours was to piss people off" No,it's about me expressing myself and not holding myself back,you getting pissed off is incidental collateral damage. Me saying "this gameplay video has no AA and has medium textures" should not piss people off if it's the truth I get it,you don't want to read truthful comments.I didn't lie, I didn't troll and I didn't flame. The GS terms of service states that users may not: "Threaten, defame, stalk, abuse, or harass other persons or engage in illegal activities" Basically I am telling you that you're not gonna make me feel paranoid every time I post something on GS in fear of backlash and reprisal. When gamespot e-mails me and tells me that I broke their terms of service, my comment will simply be removed from the board with me losing some points.


    so does the update released already ?


    @slainta "[PC gamers] Making it looking like if everybody doesn't switch to PC it will be the end of the world" strawman. I never said anything like that. The rest of your comment has to do with the next console generation and with console gamers not caring about PC gaming. Duh, I know that. I wasn't forcing PC gaming on anyone. So you keep wasting my time here with this irrelevant nonsense.


    Does anyone know if i can make a private game with bots on bf3 for PS3?


    patch is a BLAST on PC


    @devastion913 thnx m8 4 help, I didn't try the new update yet but b4 if hit some1 hard wth mav he would killed but i don't knw it was count road kill or else. thnx for the tip on explosives.


    @nima_metal90 If you're a PS3 player (I don't know if this is the same on 360) the stinger missiles, in my couple hours spent with it yesterday, seem to have inconsistent lock ons more than they did before. When you do get a hit, however, they seem to do more damage now as I can disable most helis with 1 missile only to watch them lose control and crash, or bail out like cowards. I hope that helped. IF you have any input on if MAVs can still be used as lethal weapons let me know. I couldn't get in any games where people were doing that annoying crap since the patch. Side note, I don't know if this is in the patch but explosives shouldn't be able to be seen with infrared vision since....... They don't emit heat. Food for thought.


    1080 mb update !! -_- holy SH1t !


    Yet again people start a platform war =| Anywho, think the stinger range will make people use the Javlin and SOLFAM. Havn't the new version yet but will later today.


    I'm glad they added quit there, it was needed.btw I had the same problem wth air missiles b4 1.04 update in ps3, some1 can explain it what is new in this update for air missiles? Thnx.


    lol shooting on consoles suck or this guy cant shoot right?


    @game_eater Okay, this is the third time in one article someone totally misiterprates what I said, so either all you fools can't read a damn sentence without jumping the gun, or apparently I am talking gibberish. I did not say you think consoles suck. I said you think people THERE, as playing on it, suck, and so you prefer to play on a console. You said so yourself. I played BC2 with PS3, and I had tons of fun. And I can totally understand why you would prefer using that. The argument here is not on the console itself-- We both know it's not fair to compare a high-end PC to a console from 2006. I just found your reason to prefer PS3 kinda stupid. Running away from a version because people play better is abit cowardly and quite wierd. What's wierder is that you bought this game twice just to tone down the level. Do people really have nothing to waste their money on nowadays?


    This guy below makes some good points about console vs. pc debate but what he fail to mention is you don’t have to be a nerd too build a pc you could build a pc that play all the latest nextgen game for 600 bucks and also from what I hear the new Xbox and ps4 aren't backwards compatible you can’t play your old xbox 360 or ps3 game on them what about all that money you wasted you could have saved that money and bought a pc and oh yeah gamepads are bad for first person shooters I run circle around console players in bf3


    @nikon133 ... I'm sorry, are you a moron? I am SUPPORTING K&M. Dear god, learn to read, people.


    @PeterDuck no, the point is another. It doesn't pass a day in any console forum or article without some PC gamers bragging about the PC superiority. Making it looking like if everybody doesn't switch to PC it will be the end of the world. These people still have to understand that the majority of gamers are not tech nerds, obsessed with performances. A crappy game like CoD is number one every year now. With the PC version last anyway. The Wii outsold each "next-gen" console for years. Even the PS2 still sells good numbers for being 11 years old. And the HD remasters with their old refurbished graphics still have a great success. So, from a point of view, the PC is even "overpowered". Its tech specs do not really add much to the fun factor while its lack of games is an huge downside. BF3 plays better on PC? Sure. We (console players) care? Not at all. Then when the 8th generation will be out, this debate will be dead. Probably already with the Wii U. If its game will all run at 1080p with a steady 60 fps it will be the end of the story. The "PS4/X360" will simply add to that. And yet again, with equivalent performances (at a much lower cost) and dedicated programming they will have games that PC user base could only dream about.