Battle of the Exclusives: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Jess pits the exclusive games of Sony and Microsoft's upcoming consoles against each-other so you can let us know who you think came out on top!

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    God, they didn't even talk about Bloodborne... Game was amazeballs!!


    I think that both consoles have good looking exclusives. However, I think the Xbox One has a few better exclusives (based on my interests of genre) than the PS4. Titanfall, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and Halo 5 all look really good. However, the PS4 has Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, and The Order: 1866. Despite my preferences in games, I will purchase both consoles. Based on my preferences, I will enjoy Titanfall and Killzone: Shadowfall the most out of all the other exclusives.


    They both got talent~


    I have a feeling that Sony hasn't released all its exclusives, I think something awaits in the nearby future... maybe Last Guardian? but none the less I anticipate the future ventures of ps4 whilst i still enjoy what the ps3 can still deliver


    PS4 won ofcourse even though i am a PC gamer first and console second and console of choice PS ofcourse,but ill be playing XB1 too just because of one game and that,s KI.


    Easy PS4 won and always will win better devs and they are smarter than the pos Micro$hit period M$ ain't got nothing on PS4 or any Playstation product period so eat it Micro$hit.


    I have 1 question the glass do you need to buy or will it be included?


    I will be buying a PS4 im just a Sony fanboy. Great service with fun games nice customer service as well been in the Sony family since the PS1. But the Xbox has lots of solid titles you can be a fanboy live without hate :D


    In actuality it doesn't matter who won. If you work you can simply buy both; problem solved. And now that MS has announced you won't need to check in online or lose the ability to loan and trade in games, jaded Playstation users can't just say wtf and be done with it. I'm neutral and I can't wait to play the titles for both consoles.


    I imagine Quantum Break will make its way to PC at some point just like Alan Wake did. The developers like PC and put in a lot of work to make Alan Wake look much better in the PC release beyond simply porting the game which makes me feel they would like to see their future games there also once exclusive deals expire.


    PS4 wins again. 1. Accessibility - no games that require expensive toys that look like they belong elsewhere (GLASS). 2. Promised features - dropping Kinect functionality completely in a game?...PASS. 3. Quality - Realistic fantasy game.


    PS4 Without a shadow of a doubt :)


    First of all... there are PS4 exclusives that weren't mentioned considering how many of XB1's were mentioned.

    And even if MS does have more/better (for now), still not going near the Xbox.


    I'm tired of console wars, "The Game Dev's" make the console's what they are today. Not to mention The Xbox One and PS4 is not the only consoles on the market. Dev's could have made these games for the Wii and Ouya, its not about the consoles, its about the developers.

    Somehow I'm thinking about saving my money not not buying any of these systems. Gaming use to be about the gaming companies that make the games. Ubisoft did an great job displaying there games at the conference.


    @OzmaHD I agree with you to an extent, the Developers make the games we love to play. But I disagree with you saying the Devs could make these for the Wii, Wii U or Ouya, other than some of the smaller Indie games, the consoles you mentioned would not be able to run them. The data on a Blu-Ray disc alone is 50gb, twice that of the Wii U and some variations of Blu-Ray can go up to 100-128GB. Not to mention the Ram, graphics card & processor upgrades in comparison to other systems. If Watch Dogs was made for the Ouya do you think it could be close to as good as it is on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC?

    While they devs make the games we love, the consoles and PC give the devs the tools to make better games and push boundaries, be them in graphics, AI, gameplay, etc, much further with every generation. And the fact that a lot of amazing development studios are owned by Microsoft & Sony only adds more fuel to the fire in the "Console Wars".

    And finally, both Sony & Microsoft did a great job showing of displaying their games during their press conferences, one the details of the consoles themselves were out of the way, we were given nothing but games, from Titanfall, to Final Fantasy XV, from Knack to Metal Gear Solid V. They both did great and I for one think it is a great time to be a gamer.


    Xbox One Has: Titanfall, Halo 5, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Project Spark, Forza 5, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Black Tusk Game, Below, Minecraft, Sunset Overdrive, Zoo Tycoon, Plants Vs Zombies - Garden Warfare, Crimson Dragon, Powerstar Golf, D4, Below, Lococycle & Exclusive DLC for COD: Ghosts, Witcher 3 & Battlefield 4

    PS4 Has: The Order: 1886, Final Fantasy XIV (MMO), Warframe, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, Transistor, The Dark Sorcerer, Don't Starve, Primal Carnage, Blacklight Retribution, The Witness, Knack, DC Universe Online, Driveclub & Exclusive DLC for Arkham Origins, Watch_Dogs & AC IV

    As much as Microsoft are screwing up with their hardware limitations, I have to give them the nod with the exclusives so far, but both consoles have games that I want to get, and even the possibility at things to come (Gears 4, Uncharted 4, Fable 4.... so many 4's) has me very excited. If I missed anything, I apologize.

    @Devlin88 Diablo III is a PS4 exclusive for now. It is coming out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 but there is no word on if it is coming out out on the Xbox One but I dont see why it wouldnt


    @Devlin88 PS4 is getting exclusive destiny DLC, u also forgot deep down as a ps4 exclusive and u put Below twice on the Xbox


    @Devlin88 dude witcher 3 and battlefield 4 will also be on ps4 and a dlc for cod isn't much of an exclusive and ps4 also gets kingdom hearts 3


    @nikniklol I said exclusice or timed DLC for Witcher 3, BF4 & COD: Ghosts. They will get timed exclusive DLC for all 3 and some exclusive DLC for BF4 & COD, also Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a PS4 exclusive, it is coming to Xbox One as well


    @Devlin88 The DLC for Battlefield 4, Witcher 3 and Cod Ghost are not exclusive to Xbox One. Its gonna be release first on Xbox One so it will make its way to PS4. PvZ Garden Warfare is also not a exclusive. TitanFall will also be on PC so its not a exclusive. Same thing for Warframe on PS4. YI don’t think you can list Halo 5 cause the announcement was that there is a next gen Halo in developpement but nothing was really announced and its clear that they were gonna make a Halo on Xbox One its like saying they will one day be an Uncharted on PS4.

    That said I’d like your honest opinion on what games do you think Microsoft have over Sony that makes you say that they have better exclusives. Really I’m not saying one is better that the other I’m trying to find out what got people’s attention.

    I’ll remake the list:

    Xbox One has: Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Project Spark, Forza 5, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Black Tusk Game, Below, Minecraft, Sunset Overdrive, Zoo Tycoon, Crimson Dragon, Powerstar Golf, D4, Lococycle. DLC First on Xbox One : COD : Ghosts, Witcher 3 and Battlefield 4

    PS4 Has: The Order: 1886, Final Fantasy XIV (MMO), Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, Transistor, The Dark Sorcerer, Don't Starve, Primal Carnage, Blacklight Retribution, The Witness, Knack, DC Universe Online, Driveclub & Exclusive DLC for Arkham Origins, Watch_Dogs & AC IV

    Thank You


    @chronomakers You are right on the DLC for CoD & Witcher, I added them since they do at least have an initial advantage over their PS4 counterparts, but some Battlefield 4 DLC will be exclusive, and not just a timed exclusive.

    As for PvZ, Titanfall, Warframe, etc. In this list I only took into account PS4 Vs Xbox One, not PC, if that was the case, Primal Carnage, Blacklight Retribution, Zoo Tycoon, The Witness, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV & DC Universe would all be off the lists as they are on PC as well.

    PvZ, at this stage is not announced for PS4 and was mentioned during EA's conference to be coming "Exclusively to PC, Xbox 360 & Xbox One". And with Halo, I understand your comparison to Uncharted, the only difference being, at least Halo has been announced for it, no details, no date, but it will be there and that is confirmed, and while in all likely hood Uncharted 4 will be on PS4 it is at this stage unconfirmed. With everything I put down it is what is official as of my writing, no speculation, etc.

    And as for my opinion as to why Xbox One have the better exclusives in comparison to PS4, it's that they actually have many more "AAA" exclusives where as at this point in time, other than a handful of them, most games confirmed for PS4 are either cross platform & older ports from PC or PS3 games. Their exclusive "AAA" titles are Infamous: Second Son (looking forward to it), Killzone, The Order, Knack & Dark Sorcerer. Knack has been confirmed to be more childish and easier in nature compared to say Jak or Ratchet & Clank so odds are will not appeal to me & for The Order & The Dark Sorcerer, we just don't really know anything about them to get hyped, going by your Halo point, the same could be said for these 2 games, no gameplay, no release date, very few details.

    On the other hand with Xbox One, I think everyone can agree Titanfall looks amazing, even if not "Xbox One" exclusive it is "Microsoft Exclusive". PvZ is in the same boat, "Microsoft Exclusive" at least at this point in time. Dead Rising 3 looks very good and I have been a fan of the series, Ryse looks like it has potential as long as it is not filled with QTE like the demo suggested, Sunset Overdrive intrigued me and Insomniac have a great pedigree with games, spark looks like a more hardcore verison of littlebigplanet which I am a big fan of, Killer Instinct is a given & Quantum break has me intrigued to the same extent the Dark Sorcerer has, so overall, at least in my opinion, Xbox One has the better exclusive line up so far in comparison to PS4.


    @chronomakers It could be taken as that, I just don't think they wanted to do a big press conference without it, something to get people hyped. Similar to KH 3 or Mirrors Edge 2, not coming any time remotely soon (odds are 2015), barely anything shown or announced (the scene in the KH3 trailer has been confirmed as pre-rendered, not in game) but still announced to hype people up.


    @Devlin88 @chronomakers Personnaly (just wanna put it out there lol) i saw that Halo announcement as a sign that Microsoft had nothing to say for that 10 minutes it wasn't a shock to hear that there would one day have a Halo on Xbox One and they had nothing to show, for all we know it could be another RTS. Dead Rising 3 and TitanFall looks amazing that is for sure.


    @Devlin88 @chronomakers It is true that Sony is putting emphasis on Independant gaming and not as much on "AAA" titles like Microsoft i see your point thank you.


    @chronomakers Just read that Xbox One will also be getting exclusive COD dlc, but that will be more along the lines of weapons skins and the like, although skins is all Arkham Origins is getting on PS4 so I guess it counts.


    @Devlin88 @jroel I heard the developer saying it will make the crossover eventually. Don't pin pin me down on it though.


    They missed a couple of exclusives in this video such as the order 1886, and the witness. Get it right GS :P


    did they not mention "the witness"? I know it's timed but they also mentioned a few timed xbones which will have less anticipation


    forza vs every other game


    @2:10~, "Prothean". Ha.


    Gamespot didn't mention the PS4 Exclusive "The Order 1886" which is under development by GOW series developers , i think it will be a great game


    There is only one good exclusive game for XO "ryse" the rest are just "ok" titanfall is somewhat interesting because of a new game mechanic riding mechs but thats it while PS4 have shadow fall and second son.

    If you compare exclusive games of PS and Xbox in the past it would be PS hands down

    I am an xbox fan but with the direction M$ is taking Xbox I will be getting PS4 and it seems a lot of xbox fans are very displeased with M$ and would probably move to PS4


    I think that the Xbox One has alot of better looking exclusives than PS4, but, I'm definitely getting PS4, Xbox One doesn't have a single feature that attracts me to it. Way I see is that Microsoft are charging more for a far inferior(in every way) console.


    neither won, lacks of games really.. and nothing really new, same shooters and driving games, D4 call my attention and knack I see something different there. You know what to expect from the other tittles, better graphics same games.


    I will buy a Ps4 but the Xbox one won this one :)


    @Thomas8500 So you seen the choices, saw the xbox one had stuff you liked best, and went for the ps4?? Good luck in life, you are gonna need it...


    @torrne667 @Thomas8500

    Just as @seraj1 said. I think right know it has better exclusives but Ps4 is Cheaper and more powerful and will in time get more exclusives i think.

    I will still buy both consoles but I wait with the Xbox One until it gets a price-cut.


    The fact Sony hasnt announced God of War, and Uncharted 4 is funny. they will be the sleepers at pax prime. those 2 exclusives alone beat microsoft imo. the only microsoft exclusive i would buy would be RYSE.


    I'm still iffy about Deep Down being a PS4 exclusive. They never said one but yet never said exclusive either, right? Exlcsuive just seem like Capcom tbh...


    For many reasons too numerous to mention, PS4 is currently my Next gen platform of choice, alongside Nintendo's Wii U. Best of luck to Microsoft. People who do end up purchasing an Xbox one will have a ton of fun, no doubt. I just don't want to miss out on Gran Turismo, whatever naughty dog is working on, quantic dream developed games and so on.


    @kardes I used to have a xbox 360 but once I realized that sony was producing more games that I was interested in I quickly sold my xbox 360 and bought a PS3 and have not looked back since. Microsoft has to do a lot a work to win me back.


    @kardes Finally a PS4 fan who doesn't just go full out anti microsoft! I share your opinion :)


    Slow or poor console sales = non-exclusive just ask Sony's PS3. I can recall many normally Playstation exclusives migrating to the 360 back in 2007. In time I can see the same thing happening with Xbox One exclusives. So enjoy your Dead Rising 3 and other little exclusives..for now.


    You know its funny hearing all these xbox fanboys trying to say that the pos xbox has more exclusives but here's the reality check Sony has and owns more devs than the pos xbox so get your facts straight and btw Sony didn't even show off all the games they have in the works for PS4 so eat it xbots.


    @constantterror You could say the same about either side tbh...Bragging about waiting a long time for more exclusives (if it isn't ready to show, it's obviously isn't going to be out for a while) isn't a good point. I just want a console that doesn't have annoying fanboys these days.


    @damacdon @constantterror a console with no fanboys. I think you need to do your own console and don't show it to anyone. I think that's the only way to have a console with 0 fanboys


    I am buying both


    Deep Down only PS4 exclusive i would be interested in. Xbox One imo won the exclusive war with Ryse, Titanfall, Forza 5, and Killer Instinct.


    I suggest of working extra hours, getting extra clients or extra projects, and buying and xbone ps4 and a brand new pc.


    PS4: Killzone - Infamous - Knack - Drive Club - Deep down - Dark Sorcerer- Day light - Black Light Retribution - Planetside 2 - WarFrame - The Order:1886 - The Witness - Don't Starve - Primal Carnage - Oddworld: Abes's oddyssee New 'N' Tasty - Outlast - Dreamfall Chapters - Final Fantasy X1V Online A Realm Reborn - Dc Universe Online - Transistor + Indies games.


    @Bekerser Most of the games you mention are not exclusives, check your facts


    It's funny how they mentioned Microsoft's 1 indie game, yet completely ignored PS4's indie lineup.....


    @mnoalpha To be fairr, she missed a lot of games on either side.


    I just get the feeling that Microsoft are announcing all their best exclusives now to make themselves look good compared to Sony but will have nothing special to offer in the long run and half of those games will no doubt appear on PC anyway. Sony seem to start off with a small amount of good exclusives but usually release a much better variety of them a couple of years down the line. Sony didn't have the best start with their PS3 at first but it has improved a lot over the years, they seem to have much more patience (Microsoft rushing their unreliable red-ringing 360's spring to mind) and always come out on top at the end. It's a shame what Microsoft are doing to themselves cause their games look great and their console has really good potential but blind greed has got the better of them this time and if the Xbox console burns out and fades away just like Sega's did, they completely deserve it in my opinion. Respect to Sony


    They didn't rush it, they just had a flaw.. And they paid for it, but ill be honest . I had 2 red ringed xboxs and still prefer it to ps


    not all listed, both seemed ok, only game that grabbed my attention was titanfall


    Missing a few exclusives on both sides of the equation in this video.


    is every one here dumb titanfall is an xbox one exclusive


    For the new #xbox which sounds better XBONE or XB1? I vote for the XBone if you play it real slow.


    @KingTrax999 I've been using Xbone . It's beginning to catch on . Spread it around !


    So am I wrong to believe that FF15 and KH3 were not exclusives? I didn't see them put those up there but they put a CG lame Halo.


    @BeforeLyfe FF versus (now 15), always was a exclusive for playstation.

    But they say the same abouth 14 and was released on pc as well....


    @BeforeLyfe Both will be released on xbox1 and ps4. To me it was also unexpected, because at first I thought KH3 was exclusive. And FF versus, but now it looks like both consoles will get it. But where's money, there's square enix, that's SE today for you.

    Look at that Deus Ex disaster - it's NG3 all over again


    Here's my honest opinion about Exclusive Titles:

    - Halo: Booring as fuck, vast universe, poor substance, same old race.

    - Quantum Breaks = Looks like typical Remedy games with slow-mo effect, not interested with TV Shows formula.

    - Below = not much of technological showcase, but I could appreciate the artwork and distinctive atmosphere, good for casual play.

    - Deep Down = MIA (first trailer are pretty impressive.)

    - D4 = I'm curious, I'm huge fan of Deadly Premonition.

    - The Last Guardian = MIA (animal drama are not my cup of a tea, it made me cry a fuckin river)

    - Ryse = Crytek's graphic are impressive as always, but gameplay are mediocre. (absolutely mediocre)

    - Forza 5 = horrible, just horrible, I don't want future games controlled by server A.I

    - PS4 Exclusives (The Order, Rain, Drive Club, Infamous, Killzone, Knack, etc, etc lazy to remember) if these games are multi-platform, I believe it will end as flop line-up, these games got so much attention because it had "exclusive" sticker on it, (I wonder why Sony keep pushing Killzone and Infamous, both are not that good of a franchise.)

    - Xbox One Exclusives (Killer Instinct, Project Spark) these line-up are generic (at least to me)

    most of those exclusives are pale compared to impressive multi-platform games:

    (Destiny, Titan Fall, The Witcher 3, MGS 5: Phantom Pain, Final Fantasy 15, Watch Dog, Dying Light, Dragon Age 3...)


    @Ladiesman17 yea, everything that looked good to me was multi platform.
    Watchdogs, Destiny and Titanfall in particular


    @AshTrai Did they announce Titanfall was multiplatform? I keep seeing it as a Xbox exclusive.


    Ms came strong with exclusives, but the best games shown were all multi (MGS. Witcher).

    The more important issue is that I doubt MS will be able to keep this constant flux of exclusive titles while their consoles tanks, while Sony has always had reliable first party studios that put out great titles constantly.


    @ivan_osorio And you are right. Remember 360? Great start, but later was lacking and Sony totally owned them


    personaly i always liked xbox games better,this time exclusives are better on xboxs side too

    but what can i say microsofts given us no choice with this crap they call console igotta go with ps4 unfourtunetly

    at least i will have the god of war


    Let's talk multiplayer guys?

    Xbone has bumped up their multiplayer matchmaking dramatically, where players are groups within the same grouping for more competative gaming, and matches quality players over glitchers. Does this make a difference in which console you would buy for if you had both? Knowing that the glitchers wont be playing in the same games mostly.. What do you think?


    @valknight Nope, too many deal breakers. XBox One can't overcome the issues I have.


    @valknight Cross game chat destorys gaming communities. I'm sad to see that Sony has decided to add a feature that soles purprose is to divided.


    @Nishua @valknight I can agree, but at the same time disagree. I find the party systems good to stop people from dealing with the trash talking douchebags.. or the screaming kids, or the kids at all. I don't play any games and talk to anyone that is not at least 18 years old. I do that as my own rule out of respect, because I would not want others kids influenced by my verbal behavior, nor would i want my daughter playin games with someone like me lol.


    @valknight Not really. We could do this before through manipulating friends lists.


    @valknight What is it u mean by glitchers? Hackers?

    Hacking in console online multiplayer games only occurred because everything was done p2p until the publishers wised up and supplied dedicated servers (something that PC gaming has been founded on for DECADES)


    @AshTrai @valknight so if you had been watching the systems matchmaking they have a matchmaking system built into the programming of the xbone that will filter players based on their behaviors. like if they drive backwards in the game it will report it in their reputation and will not put them in the same group as hardcore gamers.


    ok so here goes:

    1. Ryse - No. Just no.
    2. Quantum Break - No. Nothing shown of any kind about this game.
    3. Forza 5 - No. Car simulation games are boring as hell.
    4. Dead Rising 3 - No. All dead rising games are atrocious, as are 99% of all zombie games in general.
    5. Below - No. Though to be fair, i've never even heard of it b4...
    6. D4 - No
    7. Killer Instinct - No. If i wanted to play that game, i'd dust off my old N64.
    8. Halo 5 - No. Halo1 was good back in the day cos it brought a lot of new things to the table but it has been whored into oblivion. In addition, giving the game to a different developer (343 industries in this case) is the death nail. Halo4 was crap.
    9. Titanfall is NOT an exclusive although it is the only thing in this MS list that looked even remotely decent.

    1. killzone: shadowfall - Maybe.
    2. Infamous: second son - No.
    3. Knack - No
    4. Drive club - No, same reason as forza
    5. Deep down - No.

    Roll on the indie games i say! ... and something tells me ps4 will get a hell of a lot more indie games than xbone.


    @AshTrai titanfall is an exclusive confirmed by phil spencer


    @AshTrai @lNate15 Ok lets get this right. Its a Microsoft exclusive. That means PC, Xbox 360 and XB1. Its a Microsoft exclusive. Its a Microsoft exclusive. Its a Microsoft exclusive.


    @AshTrai You forgot planetside 2 for the PS4.

    And The Order: 1886


    @iAmDeathSpank i just went through those mentioned on the vid, in the order the vid gave them in. It's not possible for me to remember every single exclusive..that's gamespots job, lol.

    Incidentally, i detest planetside 2 even on the PC.

    The order 1886 suffers the same fate as quantum break - literally no info and just a cgi movie does not interest me.


    @AshTrai @iAmDeathSpank Heretic! KI SNES only, not that Gold thing

    The only thing that interested me from xone is Quantum Break, other than that, nothing.

    @AshTrai NO no NO LOL after you tube website name paste this watch?v=7cSudpyEU9w


    @essam24 @AshTrai Hey, there was 1 "maybe"!

    Also, if Titanfall was eligible, it'd been a yes :D


    @AshTrai ryse looks good, they said the whole game wont be those sequences.. they are just finishing moves.. dead rising is fun for a few days at least, titanfall is going to be amazing and its exclusive to microsoft. you forgot project spark.


    @valknight @AshTrai regarding ryse: I am aware of this, however i'm still not interested in the game whatsoever. I can't stand crytek games - i've hated all crysis and farcry games to date.

    Titanfall is not an xbone exclusive which is the point of this video. Since i already own a 360 and a PC, i still get to play it on whatever i chose :)

    project spark wasn't in this video, as wasn't minecraft.... both are a "No" from me though :p


    @AshTrai @valknight They did kinda drop the ball a bit on the last two games.. But this looks pretty fun, and its a microsoft exclusive.

    well spark looks pretty fun i think, as does the minecraft port ( if it matches the current pc minecraft)


    @valknight @AshTrai Valknight, Titanfall is NOT exclusive. The developers have said it Will be on PC. They have also said it will probably come to PS4 as well - (though they do not know for certain at this time)


    Why no mention of The Order: 1886? That was the game that got me most excited for PS4.


    @mikmck2006 Because, as someone said, they are xbots. And this game looks awesome :)


    hahaha GS made this Battle to show that the Xone is better than the PS4, GOOD Job GS But what ever you do PS4 is the winner, I don't care about exclusives as i care to have PS4 much faster than the Xone.
    * stop being MS slaves, thats making me sad of you.


    These exclusives don't matter much. It's the hardware, and since Sony's console is designed for gaming, I'll be going with the PS4.


    @dmdavenport how is the hardware better? it's like comparing two different versions of 50. caliber rifles.. you're dead either way :D


    @dmdavenport I agree. Exclusives really have taken a back seat for this new generation of consoles.


    @AshTrai Considering how they seem to mostly be sequels I wasn't really excited about many of the exclusives, but I'll probably go with the ps4 now, the 24hr online check in just ruined the xbox for me!