Assassin's Creed: Revelations Red Hands Trailer

Put your stealthy wrist blade to work in this trailer for the single-player mode in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

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    wth?? get that BF3 trailer out of here!! sick of GS promoting fps all the time


    i saw this on another site titled "no mercy"...what's going on here? something weird is happening. i'm getting suspicious. i've got a bad feeling about this...but i can't quite put my finger on it.


    one of the greatest franchises ever created...AC FTW :P


    looks good. old ezio


    in the multiplayer beta the game needed a little more work....


    I thinkg Jake Gillenhall (from Prince of persia: sands of time) maybe can be a good Ezio Auditore for the film based on this game. To be as Altäir... I don't know... there's so good actors on this world.


    Game looks Great.....but i still see alot of the same kills frm the last Assassins creed...


    I kind of want to slap the person who chose the music for most of the AC:R trailers (although this song was relatively okay)...But for the most part? Such. Bad. Music.


    Istanbul awesome


    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


    Yes it is true that Muslims bury the dead by Al Mualim was a different case. Altair feared that the apple could bring him back from the dead so he burned his body to make sure he couldnt come back.


    @rhymesmatter, Well here's to hoping that's honestly not the case b/c I, too, have been wishing this game puts in a bit more fleshing out of Altair, as a man. On a side: Gotta say Altair's hidden blades are STILL infinitely more bad-assed than Ezio (which are also not too shabby). That's right...I said it, lol. Ezio's got some cool moves but some of my most memorable kills still come from AC1.


    @Gladiator_Sofi I think Altair WAS a Muslim, i.e. brought up as one, but the events of and following AC1 caused him to question that. That's my view at least


    Music is crap in this trailer, but I like the game anyway




    [This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]




    @emperordanger Altair wasn't a muslim ,in AC2 ,in one of the codex pages he refers to god as "the greatest lie ever told"




    Altair's role seems so secondary and short...i was wishing that the game would focus on both Ezio and Altair but it seems like the latter will be just like side quests within main story


    There is a Mistake here, As we know that Altair was a muslim then why he is burning Al-Mualim in that Trailer. Muslims dont burn, they bury the dead bodies


    why wud u say "terrible" trailer. it just as decent as any other revelations trailer.


    The vid might not be outstanding but the very game will stand out


    I can't wait for Revelations but this trailer was terribly done. Wow... from the debut trailer to this..


    So many awesome games pls stop i still need my social life !!!!


    killing never been so sweet.


    @TheAlmightyCow have u not read the books or anything about the game the combat just inahances the story as it brings out what an assassin is and what roles Altair and Ezio play. Ubisoft have created a massive story and im hopeing they answer some important questions! i think we will be fed story combat and gore for many replays to come!


    I seriously hope they arn't focusing on the combat and gore and such, if they are this game will FAIL. The reason I love AC is because of the story, and I can't stop playing them because of that. I really hope ubisoft is doing the right thing here..


    @pip3dream Not all electronic music is dubstep...


    stopped watching this video because of the crap music


    dubstep takin' over my clubs, dubstep takin' over my video games... sigh...


    Evyrtime altiar shows up my the hairs on my neck stand up,heck when i saw the statue of him in AC2 under ezios mansion my hairs stood up!!!


    can't believe this studio is still pumping out sewer after so many flesh.


    dam i just love this freaking trailers there awsome


    @Arda_Daghan212 I had no intention.


    can ubisoft pic music or what?!!?


    @WhatTheTruck Nice pic, but you're a long way from being a Landon Ricketts, gamer or otherwise :D :D :D


    looks good


    @focus0894 Sorry, I said that because of the " PS3 fanboy" thing and I thought you meant xbox is a lot better or smth like that. I wrote that just to clear that up and I didn't mean PS3 better because of exclusives it has other advantages too.


    @Arda_Daghan212 The only PS3 exclusive that I've seen so far that can defeat Gears 3 is Uncharted 3. Other than that, pretty much all of the PS3 games have been passable this year. Infamous 2 was slightly underrated, but other than that. I don't see why other PS3 owners believe that it has a killer line up of titles that 360 owners are depressed that they can't play. because the only game that could do that is Uncharted. Other PS3 exclusives they won't miss. And I don't see why you're talking a console debate to me, I said nothing about which console is better, because I have both consoles. So it really doesn't matter to me.


    Looks badass


    He gets stronger as he gets older, damn, I saw him jump out of a window on Embers trailer too. Jeez, my grandpa is nothing like him nor is my da, heh I don't think I'll be like him either, can't get up a ladder half the time he takes to scale up a wall :D :D


    they took off his hood


    @ Jakeslikescakes, thats Altair smart one.. this game ends both the Ezio saga and the loose ends of Altair's story


    @scratchisme Agreed, the game takes place in 1500s get a nostalgic themed music or smthn not Dubstep.


    Ezio Look more angry than ever.


    @Lordzalla Snake Is around 50 and he still kicks ass age is just a number


    @DillPickleYummy But He's Not In Roma he's in Constantinople


    @focus0894 C'mon don't start the XBOX or PS3 thing, it is true that PS3 has more and better exclusives. The two reasons I won't buy an XBOX instead of PS3 are the exclusives and the need to repair the console often on XBOX ( I heard smthn like you can't play longer than 16 hours can't really remember otherwise you get a red ring? ) Though it has better graphics (as in pixels) but there are a lot of superior things in PS3 but I won't take your time. Don't tell me "Did we ask which console you like better?" please.