Arma 3 Interview With Ivan Buchta

GameSpot AU speaks to creative director Ivan Buchta about going underwater and into the skies with Arma 3, changes to the modding tools, and what they're bringing across from Bohemia Interactive's VBS military simulator.

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Posted by adrianomar

were those shots of the tank real in game? Oh my goodness

Posted by swordx

when they get off their butts and make an Arma MMO in a persistant world then I would pay attention

Posted by samcrow77

tri sli 680s $1500 playin arma 3 on high priceless lol

Posted by dmb34

cant wait, still havent finished 2

Posted by Rohan233

yes please

Posted by boblabob

Bohemia Interactive always get too far ahead of themselves. The reason they're a pretty small company in comparison to others is because they concentrate on making the game as good as possible and forget about the quality checking and limitations the majority of PC's have.

Posted by pierrey22

im realy looking foward to this

Posted by pierrey22

@sbdb you mean 20 arma 1 is only bugless sorta cause mods, arma 2 only has good AI because mods, the mod community fixs their games for them, so they should make a good game this time without so many bugs, well hopefully only visual ones, no gameplay ones (including AI and terrain)

Posted by JDFS

They show screenshots instead of gameplay videos? that's very funny... but anyway it means September for the release date, IF they don't take too many days off, otherwise it's end of the year.

Posted by sbdb

Release: Q3 2012 and add 2 years for them getting the bugs out.

Posted by Thuganomic05

Ahh.... I'm going to eventually have to update my computer it seems - can't even run ARMA 2 - but ARMA 3 , I will be ready.... don't quote me on that.

Posted by BruteZee

yep, also and most of all i wanna see it better optimized (hardware friendly) but even tough im happy about physics they did, rag doll, yet for vehicles and objects not the best, but hey, at least they did some progress :> looking forward to it

Posted by Mar044

I really hope that they rework the enemy skill level, a malia shouldnt be a marksman with a ak47 at 1000 yards. one thing i really hated even when you do everything right.