Arma 3: Alpha - Top 5 to Keep You Alive

We break down the top five things new players to Arma 3 need to know.

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    I almost died laughing at the fish bit. Can't wait to see what missions Bohemia can cook up around fish assassinations... :P


    Glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys playing Arma in third person.


    @pimpofdoom I used to like that too, lots of Arma 2 then recently found some cool FP servers and its much more fun, find myself sneaking and leaning much more and taking my time, though its still a pain in the hole to drive some vehicles...but on the overall its much more fun imo..


    If they have finally streamlined the controls, its a must buy.


    @GetafixOz streamlined? nope..they just added some more keys to bind.


    They deserve our money . This game is looking really amazing . On high settings it is the most photo realistic game out there . Even 2 employees were arrested in attempt to give us more realism in game . Glad they are out now .


    I hope the plot of Arma 3 will be interesting this time... can't remember of a good plot since Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crysis (best game ever...).

    I also want Bohemia to make use of all the vehicles and weapons in the campaign missions this time, not everyone plays ARMA for the online component...


    It was touched upon, but should be mentioned again directly. DO NOT PRESS G TO OPEN YOUR INVENTORY!! G is for grenades, so pressing it for inventory access will just get you and your squad killed.


    @Falzonn or you could just reassign your nades to antoher key, duh!


    Could there be a sequel to Dayz on the Arma III engine ?


    @faizanhd You mean to the standalone that's been in development for about a year now? It's set to come out later this year, and yes it does run on the Arma 3 engine.


    My problem with this game is that there are just too many hats. I'm not going to buy it unless they get rid of some of those hats, or allow users to take off their hats at the very least.


    @Jason210 and why is everyone wearing the same underpants..really...I know if I was going into war I would be wearing my lucky pants!


    @gogan1111118 @Karmazyn No. Apples and small jelly babies, actually.


    Aparently, this "sim" doesn't feature a safety delay on rockets and the like... Also, I very much doubt you'd be able to destroy tires on APC's with small arms fire(at least not less than 12.7mm). They aren't exactly using normal tires.


    @Jawehawk-DK Maybe you have to use armor piercing rounds to take out the tires ?




    A must watch video for everyone .


    looks cool but I am kinda stuck to games I can throw a controller at.. so could i use a ps3/360 controller on this and map it out?


    @TrickySky You're going to have to map movement to the controller and vital actions like reload, change weapon and crouch. That's barely the tip of the iceberg. There is about 300 actions in this game and more to come. So keep your keyboard close by.


    hope its coming on next gen consoles


    @zpluffy I hope it isn't. PC's have hardly anything left going for them.


    @zpluffy Sadly, that's not going to happen.

    Hell there's barely enough controls on a keyboard to control it as is.


    Some servers of Arma 3 have dayz like zombie stages. It is a nice edition.


    For anyone asking "what makes Arma different from BF 3?" or any of those types of questions; here ya go!

    This video sums up essentially all of the basics you need to know about Arma 3 and the Arma series in general. Narrated by probably one of the most well known multiplayer FPS players no-less (well, if you played Operation Flashpoint and America's Army back in the day).


    @BuBsay At 3:42 I suddenly said to myself "A perfect setting for DayZ".


    I don't have a PC yet, but you PC gamers: Do you think this game will have a good controller environment?


    @JanCarl0 the game has a massive keybinding system, I use a 12 button Naga and I struggle with assigning keys..there just isn't enough! (well there is but they are way over there)


    @JanCarl0 No controller have very limited buttons and if u use a controller then it will be harder for u to play this game.


    I don't get why so many people complain about this being a first-person shooter. It's a combat simulator, how else would they do it?



    The market is just oversaturated with FPS games that is all.

    This game should however be an FPS I agree.


    @toshineon Because it's cool to hate on first person shooters. Fuck em. I love this game. ArmA 2 with ACE and ACRE and other addons make it unlike any other fucking first person shooter on the planet. And it's immersion level is exactly why it's so awesome. First person all the way.
    PS, it's not a first person shooter. You can play third person if you like.


    @MordeaniisChaos @toshineon Same here, Arma 2 is fucking fantastic, can't get enough of it. Gonna get the Arma 3 alpha as soon as my paycheck rolls in.


    @toshineon @spookyghosts @MordeaniisChaos

    cool dude, yeah..but you will only get access to the demo missions, multi player is not available with light edition :)

    I will add you later today, sorry wknd and st patricks day here in ireland so just got this today :)


    @toshineon @MordeaniisChaos if you like I can hit you up with a light version ;) cos i'm nice and it's friday...just send me your user name on steam...


    War is so much fun behind a desk


    going to war wearing short shorts.... bad idea...


    @danielcliment You'd be surprised how often guys get caught literally with their pants down in war. Especially these days. If your FOB is ambushed, you could very well be in boxers and some slip on shoes while you man the Mk19.
    I also heard a Marine tell a story of how he got caught in a field toilet (See: plywood box above a hole in the ground) during a mortar strike.


    @danielcliment Lt. Dangle does it every day on mean the streets of Reno, Nevada :)


    Keys? oh crap.. which one to choose!?


    My problem with arma is thats its too many keys. Thats not realistic its just gamey. Lots of keys just to move, crouch etc.

    I dont mind that you die easily from bullets, thats fine (and realistic) but this X many positions and X many keys to do mundane things just destroys the immersion.

    Oh and the UI and inventory still sucks and is too gamey and time consuming.


    @epakille There are plenty of games that offer a limited number of keys, and limited functionality as result. This is simulator, so if you have a problem with it, there's always BF3!


    @epakille What do you want? The only way past that is to put you in with some super kinect that actually works. First of all, it has as many basic stances as Call of Duty. And in ArmA 3, you can cycle up and down with two keys, if you don't want to use the whole THREE buttons you need for normal stance changes. I play ArmA on a regular basis. It's not gamey. If you think having to deal with the limitations of a video game is ruining your experience, go enlist. Otherwise, there's not much better you're going to get. This is a sim. It lets you do everything you should be able to do in real life, but obviously some of those things have to be done with a fucking button press. It's not a magic thing duder, and expecting them to accomplish that without keystrokes is just plain silly.
    And here are the things I do regularly: move around (4 keys), change stances (2-4 key commands), free look (1 key atm, but only because my head tracking doesn't work right now), ADS (1 key), fire my weapon (1 key), reload (1 key), sprint (1 key) and use the scroll menu, and usually that's context sensitive so either two keys or one. That's a couple more keys than I need for Call of Duty.
    The UI is unfinished. It's an Alpha, not a full game. The UI is not a focus of the alpha so it's pretty early. And it's fine. You drag and drop, and you can do most things way faster than it would really take to unpack shit from a backpack or what have you. If you want that kind of stuff to be faster, you're asking for it to be gamey. Not for it to be realistic.
    Again, it's a video game. No one said "this is exactly like war." In fact, they go out of their way to make sure it isn't too sim-y by default (that particular bit is easily fixed by ACE, which adds a million awesome things) because they know it's a video game that has limitations.
    But there's a reason that the military uses this kind of software (in fact, Bohemia Interactive, the developers of Arma, are responsible for I believe the most commonly used one for US forces). This kind of software will never give you the experience of being in war. That is a good thing. It's a game. I don't want PTSD from a video game. But ArmA with a couple of addons is as accurate a simulation as you can get of real warfare short of field training. Which isn't really available to civilians.
    If you want real shit, join the Marine Corps and be a bad ass. That's what I'm doing. ArmA is just a fun thing to do while I work towards that. It's also a good way to familiarize yourself with basic tactics, help get comfortable in a leadership role, and even learn about weapon systems. Thanks to ArmA 2 and ACE I could probably run a mortar if my life depended on it without much assistance.


    @MordeaniisChaos @epakille

    Ok i struck a sensitive nerve here. But my point was summed up by rene9ade.

    They should have streamlined the keyboard usage. It still reminds me of a flight sim, just like arma 2 did. While its realistic to be able to do a lot of stuff it doesnt make me fell like a solider, a trained professional who is in control of basic things like handling your body.

    COD is redicoulus in so many ways, but at least i dont feel i need a manual to do stuff. It removes such things and let me focus on others. So i stand by my point, in that regard, ironically, the arcade shooters feels more direct, fluid and thereby realistic.


    @epakille @MordeaniisChaos You are asking for a game that is not Arma. Nothing wrong with that. Different strokes for different folks. However, I would imagine that the majority of Arma fans (especially ones who've played the other Arma/Op Flash games) would disagree. I am one of them.

    With limited control schemes come limited options. Mordeaniis is completely right with that. Until a better motion control scheme is developed, we are limited to keyboard & mouse to perform all the realistic things a person can do in real life. I for one have no problem with the games controls beyond memorizing which key does what; a task easily completed over time.


    @epakille I know watch you mean man. I do love a good simulator sometimes, but having twenty keys that do nearly the same thing hardly simulate real life as, in real life you would be able to choose your firing stance on the fly in a fluid motion. Simulating such a thing feels far from fluid and in the end feels "gamey" as you say. Now, if its a jet your simulating then I could see what BuBsay is getting at because operating a machine SHOULD feel mechanical. But I don't think he understands what I believe you are getting at. Pushing a button to sneeze hardly simulates that of sneezing. ..its a human function that comes naturally.


    @epakille I have a feeling you don't understand what gamey means...

    Most "gamey" games have as few controls as possible, every single simulator I've played has more a larger control manual than most actual manuals for the things they're simulating.


    @epakille You can use voice commands for controlling squad members, just download Pilfius and and give it a whirl. Its pretty easy to set up.


    Is ARMA III beter than BF3?


    @Karmazyn ArmA 3 isn't out yet, and not even close to finished, so who knows. And they are very different games.


    @Karmazyn To quote a well known Arma player:

    " 15 minutes of setup, an hour of maneuvering, for thirty seconds of action. That's the Arma experience in a nutshell"

    As said before, the two aren't comparable in anyway, one's an arcade shooter that you can drop in and play in a matter of minutes, the other is a simulator that if you want to learn how to drive all the vehicles properly/proper tactics etc. etc. will take a month or so to learn.


    @Karmazyn If you like fast pace FPS like COD, go for Battlefield 3. On the other hand, if you like drawing tactics with your friends and fighting for survival, then go for ARMA III.

    Personally I prefer BF3, but I would like to play ARMA 3 once it's completely done. They both feel completely different.



    There's no comparison to be made, one is a military simulation with realistic ballistics, recoil and damage the other is an arcade shooter.

    It's a matter of personal preference and I prefer Arma 3.


    @MAD_AI Given, Arma would certainly make Battlefield 3 feel like an arcade game in contrast, Battlefield is far from being an arcade shooter. COD is an arcade shooter. Battlefield is much deeper then that, and Arma just steps it up from there.



    well i think both games have their own perks when it comes to realism. ARMA isnt king of everything real.


    I love the fact that they released mod tools for the alpha, been enjoying the game for a week now, a great improvement over Arma 2 so far.


    If I wasn't old and lazy... would have been perfect back in school.

    Looks like a genuine computer game. It really does and I've missed those. Even if it is another shooter.

    Navigating terrain. I haven't done that since Delta Force.


    It's a great game and a step up from ARMA 2,and thank god no CoD kids.


    @CUDGEdave nope no COD kids, but we do have an abuntace of script kiddys out there ..I hope they have upgraded BA for this. I run around like ninja for an hour and collect tons of gear and then just to be pwny by some 12yo who rather shoot missles from his butthole is no fun!


    A real FPS none of this fake cod crap, great tips too :)


    OMG!!! It's not an FPS!!!


    seem's legit.


    The game is amazing. My tip is to take your time to know all the small details, since this game is a bit unforgiving to new comers (like myself).


    Nice review, Thanks for tips with buttons