Are Collectors Editions of Games Actually Worth Collecting?

Ever had a tough choice deciding between the basic version of a game and the special Collector's Edition? We discuss the pros and cons of each.

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    we LOVE them thats why we collect them, we dont collect if we dont love what we collect...


    I stopped buying the collectors edition. I bought some, but all ended up in it's original box in my store room. Now I only buy digital copy or deluxe digital if available.


    good job, dudes, but I still would pay to get that nice Alduin statue. That's about it. I have right in front of me an Ezio statue from AC 2 Collector's Edition. That was somewhat worth the money.


    no, last year's most anticipated game I also pro-ordered taught me a valuable lesson: moronic marketing, artistic con hype, not worth the plastic box, total rip off material. There are a few games in the past I bought in the sale and they had tin boxes which were nice. But otherwise I mainly buy games by their gaming content, which is getting more and more difficult.


    I always get these things after they significantly drop in price. For example, I was able to pick up the Skyrim Collector's Edition at Best Buy for 60 dollars, the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition at GameStop for 50 dollars, and the Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition at GameStop for 30 dollars


    Yes. If you're a collector and a fan then it's worth it.


    For me its just about game content- I have no use for giant statues, and I don't even really want artbooks or behind the scenes or anything like that. Maybe soundtracks, but otherwise, no.


    had a friend get the mortal kombat collectors edition cant remember what it came with but think she liked it quite a bit..


    I will never by another collectors edition again. absolutely a waste of money. I feel that i was misled believing that I was purchasing something that was not being massed produced. SHAME ON YOU BETHESDA FOR MISLEADING ME ON THIS!! ILL SELL SKYRIMS CE BACK TO YOU.. I BET YOU WOULDNT TAKE IT BACK IF I GAVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE.. got scammed on this one..I purchased all of the fallout series CE"s and skyrim what a waste of good hard earned money! CE'S SHOULD NOT BE MASSED PRODUCED AND NUMBERED on a limited basis. THIS FORM OF ADVERTISING FROM BETHESDA NEEDS TO BE REPORTED TO THE BBB..


    I enjoy special editions of games that I really like. For example: I got the LE version of Halo Reach and Halo 4. I don't think the special editions are worth it if you don't find the game to be one of your favorites.


    I bought the Limited Edition Halo 4 and I'm new to the whole franchise but read the whole story but I bought it because it was more of an investment for the extra DLC plus all the cool extra packaging (steelbook, cardboard packet and other small merch). I'm a huge Metal Gear Solid fan and when Ground Zeroes comes out I'm expecting some sort of varieties of collectors editions which I can't wait to see and get my hands on (Huge David Hayter fan here!). I won't lie I don't buy lots of collector things I mainly just buy lots of games and have to catch up with playing through them, games nowadays in the grand scale of things are just interactive, intense, emotion filled books which I can connect with and leave the outside world and just have fun. There is nothing worst though when you buy collectors editions and feel as if you have been 'bumped' out of some extra cash, and also when developers cut out some of the gameplay turn it into pay to play dlc and then use it to come up with some marketing scheme to secure a sale which is also overpriced.


    I buy coll editions only if they come with something worth a crap. Frankly, I collect models and statues and action figures, that's right, deal with it. I got AC3 collectors because of the Connor statue and the flag, but it came with nothing game play-wise, not even a free season pass. BS, right. I am going to buy Tomb Raider coll edition because the stuff included looks pretty cool, though the Lara figure is low quality, even moreso than other game statues. UC3 Deception I already own but will gladly buy collectors and sell the copy that came with my PS3. Unfortunately most of these games just come with extra crap to waste physical space. At least RE6 uber edition came with CVXHD, RE4HD, RE5 Gold, and RE6, and Degeneration. Granted I already owned RE4 HD and RE5 Gold, and about 6 copies of CVX, it was almost worth it for two shitty games and two good games and one of the only two good RE movies.


    I really cant stand the tacky models that come with collectors editions. I've bought the odd few here and there for games I was really excited about but I nearly always regretted it a few days later.

    I only really buy the special editions for the artwork and DLC, so it would be awesome if more games would just give the book, the game and maybe additional game content. I would actually buy the special editions for more releases if that was the case. Since buying the Assassins creed 3 Join or die edition I have been completely avoiding buying more than just the game. Its not as silly as that god awful bust that they were going to sell but it was pretty expensive. Th little book wasnt worth it and all the stupid little medallion does is take up space in my tiny flat. Urrggghh. Such as waste of money. I got sucked in.


    I miss the cloth maps that came with games in the past. They were actually useful during gameplay as they served as a usable map, and they are easy to collect and store for later use in other things. For example I often use old cloth maps in my Pen & Paper rpg sessions. I have a small box filled with all the old maps i've collected over the years.

    I agree with your thoughts on the statues and controllers and such though. They are practically useless and serve no long term purpose.


    I can see that people value CE, but for me it's a waste of money. Probably because I also have other hobbies that want my money so badly.


    Every person is unique! Some things in CE like coins, statues, story and art books, videos with extras etc are great for inspiration plus they have nice nostalgic value.

    Of course, certain CEs are disappointing since things are made without much inspiration, for purely commercial purpose. But please let's respect creative value of some games.

    If you enjoy specific art and lore it's your right to purchace CE cause material forms of some virtual things you experienced only in digital world have really great inspirational and nostalgic value - even for casual gamer, not so addicted to gaming itself.

    There are never too many things which have real value for specific person, so few CEs won't really hurt, unless you are CE-holic, addicted to living in virtual world and treating endless CEs as continuation of gaming obsession in real world.


    And don't even get me started on CE digital content. That is the biggest waste of money IMO. If it's for pure cosmetics, then bleh; I'd rather tangible cosmetics. And if it's a mode otherwise unobtainable, or elements that grant an unfair advantage (multiplayer), that is when I feel most like someone is trying to swindle me.


    If a universe is interesting and enthralling enough, I will consider buying the value items. Art books and back-story info often intrigues me, so I'll usually go for it if something like that is offered. But I must be absolutely in love with the game's story and universe, of course.


    I agree with the guy on the right (sorry, didn't catch a name!). Statues and stuff like that don't do much for me, but art books, music cds, developer or behind the scenes dvds, stuff like that I can get into and enjoy. Granted, I have yet to buy a collector's edition of any game, but if one came out for a series that I really liked and included things that I feel I would enjoy, I would get it.


    Buyers Regret sums it up pretty nicely.


    I must admit, especially lately I'm a bit of a sucker for CEs even though I don't really have the space to put the statues etc.


    I was really hyped up into buying the God of War Ascension Collectors Edition, but after watching this video, I really don't think it's worth it. It's not that I can't make up my own mind; I've been thinking about it before. Let's see:

    Kratos statue: probably cheap looking

    Steelbox case: looks cool

    Digital soundtrack: I'm not into digital formats. Had it been a real CD, I would be interested

    PS3 dynamic theme: cool, but not of my greatest interest

    PSN avatar pack: not interested

    Multiplayer double XP unlock: really? No thanks, don't need it

    Future DLC pass: great, this could come in handy.

    To be frank, I would have preferred an Artbook and a real physical soundtrack. Apart from the statue and the case, all you get is digital. That's what I call a rip-off.


    I think it depends on the game and what the collector's edition offers. I bought two recent collector's editions: Skyrim and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Star Wars CE came with an authenticator which I really want when playing MMOs. Skyrim's CE had an awesome art book and a dragon statue. I like that dragon statue and the book is quite inspiring when I am feeling artsy.

    There have been a few CE games that I thought could use more. A few of the past Final Fantasy CE's left me wanting. The DMC 4 CE could have been more (it was a small hand-sized art book and a metal case.) So, again, it depends on the game.


    The collectors editions are worth getting I've been getting them for many years the last one I bought was resistance 3 that came with the gun


    Unless the statues are of good quality then no. Definitely like art books, OSTs and behind the scenes stuff.


    Used to buy the special editions for the sound track (when complete) and sometimes for the tin box. But these have gone out of fashion i guess. Since ME3 I have vowed not to touch this stuff anymore. Collectors Editions used to be about stuff that came extra, where as of now it is all about game content that should come with the game. It might be different for certain statues, but mainly it has been a total washout. Certainly far cheaper to get the soundtrack as mp3 downloads.


    With all of the important talk about pushing the game world to be more mature and forward thinking, this is not it.

    The statue bundles are an insult to serious gamers, pour and simple.


    Nope. Its' junk rather money spent on the game more game content and fixing glitches. If I want a dragon statue I will go out and buy one. The dragon statue doesn't make up for programming issues.


    @megakick Exactly. But why get a glitch patch when you can get a dragon statue?


    I don't think most CEs are worth the cost. The ones that are limited are if the game or series itself is subjectively valuable to the player, but mostly they're just clutter. If they're truly limited, they appreciate, if not, you can pick them up for $30 when stores get sick of them taking up shelf space, and the people that paid $150 feel like they were ripped off. For every Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition there are 15 Halo 3 Legendary Editions.

    If you're into statues, there are much, much better ones available as stand-alone purchases. Compare the Max Payne 3 statue, which looks like Homer Simpson with hair, to the DarkSiders statue Project Triforce is bringing out, for a great example (both made by the same company). Sure, the DS2 statue is much more expensive, but it's also legitimately limited, much better made, and will never be $30 at Target. CEs have just become a way for publishers to skim more money off of the more committed fans and gamers.


    I would never buy collector edition stuff. Because I have no space to place them.


    Collector's Editions used to feel awesome and special, but now it feels like they are just ways for publishers to snag more money from players. However, I don't want CE editions to drift over to in-game content, because then that gives developers even more excuses to keep stuff out of a game that they would otherwise put in.


    i buy CE of all games im a fan of, as one if the latest DS3 dev edition, BL2 CE and the skyrim ... PRICELESS. i have a room just to put collectors (plus my xmen statues). So in my book, WORTH it ;)


    I remember Game and Watch Nintendo games coming out around 1982-1984. Today, those units sell at upwards of $300-600+. Nostalgia helps push up the price for Gen-X's. But those are stand alone games. Not sure if anyone else has posted a similar comment, but to keep these collector's editions probably means having the PS3 or Xbox still in working order 20 years from now. There are Atari 2600s out there etc but my point is: a game without a console to play on means the collectors edition is just a map, CD, and figurine. Probably not much point in having just those sitting around. But I'm sure in 20 years there will be some who wouldn't mind buying a reminder of their younger days. Collecting anything is always a risk regarding value in years to come.


    Great show guys.


    The only collector's edition game I've ever bought was Skyward Sword, and that had a nice new Wiimote and the Anniversary Soundtrack. I think that overall, the cost was less than buying the game and a Wiimote separately.


    tbh if that dragon statue(figure?) is ANY good, it's probably worth more than the game itself. artbook and soundtrack? hoist the colors


    I have no problem buying a CE if it contains items that interest me. I'm a sucker for a good art book, soundtrack and making of. It is why I will always buy a CE of any Blizzard game. Their art work and music is always fantasy and well worth the extra cash. It all just really depends on what is included and the quality of the included extras. I picked up the Guild Wars 2 and Witcher 2 CE and I'm totally satisfied with what I got.

    That being said, I do agree that most CE are a waste of cash as the extras that they offer aren't worth the asking price(mini art books, mini soundtracks and cheap figures).


    It really does depend on what you get. More content like DVD docs, soundtracks and art books are more valuable to me than plastic statues. Unfortunately in order to get all the useful stuff you sometimes have to get stuck with a dumb plastic statue.

    That being said, I love my Borderlands 2 bobblehead which is actually in the game. So I guess it all depends on the game and how the extra stuff in implemented.


    i agree with u guys here , CE used to worth to buy but now. it's not worth anymore because

    1. over price CE

    2. there is no uniqueness in CE


    I buy games for the enjoyment of the game, not to collect statues, books or concept arts. Collectors are a waste of money and will be worth nothing because most of them are mass produced


    They used to be worth it but not anymore


    I believe it is worth collecting but i'm not excited by the statues. I think CE should add some value to the game, extend the experience and give some insight on game development. So the art and in-game content are the good reason for me to buy a CE. I would say BioWare did a pretty good job with ME2 and ME3 collectors editions. the way, ME2 CE has tripled in price over the past 3 years.


    It really depends on your outlook. In my case I buy them for the concept art books and soundtracks. As an artist myself I have a deep appreciation for them and also have found them inspirational. Statues and what else, I don't really care about.


    Can't believe people get suckered into buying "collectors" editions. Royal waste of money.


    most CEs are not worth buying unless they have a really good art book (Age of Conan anyone) or a really cool item (lunch box, night vision, etc). The rest is just developer self gratification...

    I will not buy CEs for in game content that changes the experience...

    Oh and the CE for Dead Space 2 made me feel embarrassed to be a gamer...


    I have a lot of collectors editions. Majority of them I don't buy day 1 and wait until they get cheaper or if I get a good deal, if it's from a game I adore I will grab it straight away but I don't buy any for games I don't like because I wouldn't have a use for them then.

    I love statues though - seems like the guys in the video only care about is 'clutter'. I would actually put my stuff on display in my house. But it's personal preference, the video would have been more interesting if they have 2 sides of the story.

    1 person who absolutely loves the novelty of having a collectors and then another who just wasn't fussed by them.


    As someone who doesnt like clutter there are very few items I am willing to allow to decorate a room and as someone who also enjoys video games immensely these are such items.

    I achieve a sense of nostalgia when looking at such items and feel like the time I spent with the game was time I will never get back but I wouldn't want it back (other than to spend it the same way)

    Then of course if the game was shit they wouldnt last 10 years down the line. If you see no value in the Skyrim dragon I would be more than happy to take it off your hands as I didn't have enough money at the time to purchase one myself :P


    Collectors like @greg55556666 and others like him do not enjoy that privilage of buying CE if you dont open that stuff it becomes junk if you think you own that stuf think again it owns you,i dont seem point of this kind of collecting,you say you like game but only collect to sell when it hits the CE open them wear t-shirts use those stuff its pointless just to keep them in boxes..