Aliens: Colonial Marines - Tactical Multiplayer Trailer

This trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines gives you a glimpse at the various tactical choices that players need to make when playing the game’s competitive, asymmetrical multiplayer.

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    Why are people comparing this to DS3? Because it has aliens and it's an action game? Seems dumb. If anything, this is more like Left 4 Dead, which is why I'm excited for this title :)


    another fps game, just shoot at everything, not smart level design, creating a strategy or something, a total disappointment


    @PIzo93 how do you know the game isn't out yet... some people just bitch for the sake of bitching...


    Idea for film is good, but for game... terrible..


    i miss the AvP 1 multiplayer...


    Well,it sounds as if they've left in the original sound effects for the pulse rifle.That's one good thing.


    They postponed the game so many times,and this is what they ended up with? TOTAL disappointment .waste of time . A fake or replica if you will of dead space 3.


    @nick-nikol Mind explaining to me in what way is this a replica to that over-rated piece of shit that is more commonly known as Dead Space 3 ?

    P.s : If this game resembles any other game, it would be Left For Dead 2.


    @nick-nikol because you know comparing two different games , that aren't even in the same genre, makes complete sense.


    @alexisnfl @nick-nikol Yeah, especially when one molded the atmosphere, mood, feeling of isolation, etc... for the other to rip off of. Your timeline may be mixed up a bit Sir Nick. For you, Alex, the genre IS the same. Either way, both IPs are great! Good luck to all I meet online! Peace.


    Just another company making money off a great movie, just like the movie world, making spin off after spin off cos they know people will pay to see it... bet this is rubbish.


    Anyone else watch Aliens more than once this week?


    @jpf1138 Not more than once a week, but at least once per year its my favorite movie of all time!


    I give you the M41A Pulse Rifle a la Minecraft. Long live the Queen!


    Lets rock!!! we want Vasquez! we want bishop! and we want Ripley!


    Badass, bring on A:CM! :D


    We're on an express elevator to hell, GOIN DOWN!


    Also, I think the graphics look pretty good for a console multiplayer game, comparable to games like Skyrim. I don't get why people are saying this has crappy graphics. I think they look great. Sure the game isn't as pretty as Crysis or Far Cry, but I think the actual character designs look much better and the landscapes are more rich and interesting. I thought the enemies in Far Cry 3 were pretty bland and boring. And all of the enemies in Far Cry # look muddy and exactly the same.

    I have not ever played a Gearbox game before, but I am really really looking forward to this. I almost never play MP in games, but I think I will enjoy playing this. I tried to get into AvP, but it was laggy and there were too many cheap exploits in the game for me to really get into it. I am hoping that this will be fresh and interesting. At the very least, the Survivor and Escape modes look very awesome.


    @cynicalundead For consoles its passable, but for those who have bought an uber gaming rig they are pretty awful.


    @Atheosis almost all games today have pretty awful graphics then, since its always the PC what makes the difference.

    This game has good or ok graphics, and thats almost undeniable if its compared obejectively with other games, few games have bad or acceptable visuals today.

    At the end of the day, you fire it up in a PC, 1080p with supersampling AA and it will look amazing.


    Like d'arby the gambler would say: GOOD!!!