A Game of Thrones: Genesis - Official Trailer 2

A Game of Thrones: Genesis will be released on the PC in retail and online stores on September 29.

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    Why not an RTS where you click on a unit's commander and men, plot it's course, right click menu to choose an action, like Ambush, Attack, Defend, etc, and then they all folds up into a command that you give a messenger to take to that unit. You do the same for all your armies and then send out the messengers. The moment they leave, the battle begins and the enemy starts moving, while you watch what happens, seeing if everything goes to plan or disaster happens! I am fed up with the "immediacy" of RTS games, when there is no time gap between issuing orders and .your armies taking action!


    RPG GoT? I can see it. This is a world written to be a game, whether RTS, FPS, or RPG...the possibilities are endless if the fan base is there. And while I generally find other considerations more relevant to my appreciation of a game, I must mention the music, from the score of the show...ideally suited to the subject matter. Who knows, one day a few years from now GoT may be as standard at The Elder Scr...can I still say Scrolls?


    looks like the old age of empires game. game looks weak for a great show


    hey, looks pretty fun. I always enjoy RTSs.


    For 7 days pre-release that looks depressing :(


    While RTS are very fun, i think the setting would fit better with a RPG. Still, this looks very good.


    Same old, same old -w- with better graphics... The program is cool.


    @simonsolidsnake wtf? another RTS? its a rare sight now a days and not just another RTS.... Everything is FPS... we need more Strategy and RPG games


    @simonsolidsnake tss... you have to thank that they didn't make a GoT FPS...


    Oh. look, another RTS. :\ I was hoping for a GoT action RPG,