This game is a Boxing game at it's peak. It has unique feel to boxing, over-the-top knock-outs and tons of replay val

User Rating: 8.9 | Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers PS2
The game is based on an anime called "Hajime No Ippo/Fighting Spirit". It was developed by an unknown company and didn't get much hype. These were just some of the reasons it didn't get much attention in my opinion. On to the review.
-Gameplay: This is the most exciting aspect of the entire game. It immerses you into the whole thing becuase it has no bar what-so-ever. So you never know if the next punch will knock the opponent down. Here is a basic game in my words. 1. Pick your character (there are many), pick a stage, pick match details. 2. Wait a few seconds then BAM! You are already in a heated fight. There is no blocking sytem in the game, it is just dodging and weaving which is pretty nice. Watch some gameplay videos. I rated the difficulty hard because it takes time to get used to the conrols.
-Graphics: They were decent for the time of 2001-2001 when they were released. I have no problem with this part. The gameplay completely stomps this parts face. When you pop in the game don't expect a Fight Night or anything.
-Sound: They consist of beats that make you want to beat the living snot out of your opponent. Like fast beats etc. I like it. It sings in my ears. I especially like the opening song of the opening movie. They used pretty good voices to intoduce the characters befoe the fight. The counting was good.
-Replay Value: This game has tons of it. You can play from any match and any story line like that! *snaps fingers*. Don't worry about nothing in this department people!
-Extra Stuff: The is a recording feature that lets you save your fights. Be patient and learn the game. There is actually no referee in the ring. Play with a friend if you can. It has great multiplayer.

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