A splendid insight into the 1800's game of powers, that's too great not to be revered but too buggy to be for everyone.

User Rating: 8.5 | Victoria II PC
Here's another great grand strategy game directly from Paradox Interactive's developers' section: a true jewel under many aspects, it is just too complex for the ones who aren't looking for something serious, and I can understand it, but even if its steep learning curve and overall maniacal attention for the details make it hard to be approached, it's the quantity of bugs that disappoints both fans and casual gamers.
But let's talk of the good about this game: if you've already tried games like Europa Universalis 3 will be a real gift from the heavens, considered that the interface is, in my humble opinion, way better organized and the game is also more user-friendly than EU3, with more tutorials (which are still not enough, unfortunately) for the newcomers. However, the real deal is the awe you feel entering the game: an incredible mix of wonder for the variety of things you can actually control and take care of, and the feeling that you really are living the events that characterized the 19th century, mostly ending up crushing against the wall of your personal knowledge of actual history.
It is an amazing game, which could take you to abandoning completely your social life or to simply dropping it after a couple of hours spent in frustration: it depends mostly on how you decide to approach a game which is already very good as it is but probably could have been even better if polished a bit more.