Brilliant action game, masterfully excecuted, exciting, intense, and a blast to play.

This game is a finely crafted hack n' slash combining mindless action with dazzling swordplay and stylish gun slinging while still managing to fit in a few puzzles and some matrix style combat manouvers in the heat of the demonic onslaught. A classic that deserves to be remembered for years to come. Sadly the game's sequal and third installement simply do not live up to the visceral appeal of the origional, they lack the gritty backdrop and opressive enviroments of the gothic cathedral this game is set in.

GAMEPLAY: Devil May Cry is a hack n' slash at heart, wielding a satisfyingly massive sword and dual pistols the player assumes the role of Dante, the half-devil demon hunter, (sounds cheesey? well it pretty much is, but its forgivable) combining guns with swords actually turns out to be one of the best moves the whole action/hack n' slash genre has taken since its apperance in 3d. As gamespot mentions, the game keeps that fast paced satisfying feel experienced when playing the side scroller action games of old but at the same time the gameplay is cutting edge, the epitome of style.

GRAPHICS: Sleek, polished yet gritty whilest at all times staying endlessly stylish, the game looks great, especially since it is one of the earlier games released on the ps2. From the enemies, the enviroments, the weapons right down to the character model of Dante the visual appeal stands strong. Great as they are, they dont affect gameplay save for the inclusuin of atmosphere.

SOUND: Doesn't get much better, the weapons sound powerful, the enemies sound menacing and demented and the music is a fantastic mood setter, inspirational during the boss fights as you struggle to defeat the terrors of the underworld.

VALUE: The campaign boasts a decent length, so value was good even back when the game was first released, but now you can pick this game up for next to nothing, making it the ideal choice for someone who just has that urge to kill something.

PROS: Excellent gameplay, great graphics (not so important), great variety of enemies, some cool weapons in there, brilliant level design, nice variety of puzzles and mission objectives, highly origional game overall.

CONS: Annoying camera angles, can be hair-pullingly difficult at times even on the normal difficulty setting

WORTH IT?: Absolutely, if you dont have it, believe me you're missing out, if you cant buy it, borrow it