Venetica is a really fun and enjoyable action RPG.

User Rating: 8 | Venetica PC
After playing Venetica and finishing it, I can tell you that
this is a very enjoyable action RPG with really good
fighting mechanism, great graphics, good puzzles and
a really good atmosphere.

Venetica brings many great new ideas to the genre,
such as finding treasures using the raven view of point.
The powers are very usable and the all action pack is good.

The game itself is not so hard and you can finish it
without any unusual problem but it is very enjoyable.

Unlike other RPG's, this game does'nt offer much
in the "armoring and clothing department".

You can choose between few types of clothing & armor,
like most RPG's offer these days, but still - I myself did not
find this as a problem.

One of the best ideas I found in this game,
was the possible to find hidden doors and places,
by using the action figure's special view power.
It was really fun searching for them in the game.

To summarize things up:
1) Graphics: 9
2) Sound & Effect: 9
3) Difficult: 8 (just right).
4) Ideas: 10 (great).
5) Duration of gameplay: 8 (could have been better but good)

I recommend this game to all RPG lovers.