A Cult Classic -- Not A Masterpiece

User Rating: 6 | Vay IP
Vay is a port of a Sega CD game on the I-Phone.
A Sega CD game...
on the I-Phone.

For those of you unfamiliar with the yesteryear fall of Sega (the console manufacturer), the Sega CD was the ramp to the shark tank.

Currently available media review the Sega CD better than I could.
I would recommend checking out the Angry Video Game Nerd's review of the Sega CD on YouTube (also available through www.gametrailers.com/screwattack). Be warned though, there is inappropriate language for the little ones.

When getting into Vay you have to either understand what you are getting into or simply be really forgiving. If you are a fan of bad voice overs, playing a game so you can make fun of it and simple RPG for beginner type action -- this game has it. I would highly recommend playing this game if you are into the Sega CD or want an experience of how bad it was on your I-Phone.

About the game itself...
It's a Sega CD game... and it could of been a Phillips CD-i game and nobody would of thought it odd.

Once again, I reference the AVGN and YouTube for a discussion on the Phillips CD-i.

The setting is a Final Fantasy/Zelda type medieval setting. The controls work well. There were no crashing problems and nothing unusual was noticed about technical port issues.

Port issues you might ask? Are there boats in this game?

A port is a video game that is taken from it's originally designed platform (read: hardware) and re-coded to work on a different machine.

The controls are touch based, so there is no awkward virtual joystick to control.

The game shouldn't take you long to beat... but it isn't a mini-game.
At the time of release, it was one of the first games out on the I-Phone that wasn't a mini-game... Song Summoner following a day later.

This game isn't offensive to play... it just isn't that good. You should play it if you want some mild entertainment (you make your own up as you go, joking about the voice acting), a lesson in history (hey, I never owned a Sega CD), or if you used to play it on the Sega CD and would like to revisit a classic in a portable format (hey, it's better than downloading kid icarus only to realize all those fond memories have betrayed you).

For five dollars, it's worth it if you're curious... but expect a lesson in video game history more than an entertaining submersive experience.

Thank You Sega...
Rest In Peace
Sega as a Major Console Manufacturer (1989–2001)