Challenging enough to make it fun, easy enough that anyone can have fun

User Rating: 10 | Vampire Night PS2
I picked this one up to fill out my light gun game collection and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this game. My wife and I have been playing through the missions in the special mode and we have been having a blast (and my wife typically doesn't enjoy video games of any variety). The graphics are about par for a light gun game and the story is about as cheap as any arcade shooter I have ever played, but the unlockables are neat and the characters are at least drawn to look the part.

Final conclusion: if you like light gun games, find this one immediately. If you are looking for story and graphics, etc.; just about anything is better, but if you want things to jump out in front of you for you to shoot at with some other things to shoot at in order to unlock stuff (including some neat gimmicky stuff like earings and strange bullets) this game has it all...