This game is just another Light Gun Shooter,nothing special about this one...

User Rating: 7.5 | Vampire Night PS2
If you want to test your gun,is a good game to make the test,but if you just want to play without the gun,and don't have any one to play with you,forget about this game,only if you have a brother or a best friend to play with him,if you don't,is just another game,if you are rich,buy it,if you're not,forget it because you will regret it...It has not such a great graphics,it is just a strange game,you will not be happy if you buy this game,only the first tie you finish the game,then it's game over...That's why you have Time Crisis 3,to make sure you don't buy a game like this one,because you would regret it probably!!The game is a little bit for,satans yeah,and it is such a strange game,if you have the oportunity to play a demo you will see the quality of the game,it's just not like Time Crisis 3 you know??