Great light gun shooter

User Rating: 7.9 | Vampire Night PS2
Vampire Night is a light gun shooter. Meaning you have a gun peripheral and you shoot at the screen, aiming for monsters and barrels, and stuff of that sort. It takes you through a vampire infested area, with that gothic feel. It can be 2-player and is very challenging. You'll often be frustrated with this game, it requires some real sharpshooting and quick action. The game is not very innovative but is fun nonetheless, a great arcade style shooter. In graphics, the visuals are pretty good, the effects are nice and the scripted animations are awesome. Textures could be better. In sound, it has nice effects. As for value, this game will be of good value especially with 2 people and is very challenging so you probably won't beat this game for a while. Overall, this is a great game for anyone looking for a challenge or a good light gun arcade style game.