Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Cheats For PSP

  1. Secret Scene

    Wait after the credits finish and you will see a scene involving Bramms and Lezard. This can only be posible if you get the A ending.

    Contributed by: luisrodl 

  2. Seraphic Gate

    To unlock the bonus dungeon Seraphic Gate beat the game and wait until the scenes after the "Fin" screen. It will give you an option to save. Save your game (it puts you at the last save point in Asgard Hill). Now go to the main menu and you will have an option to go to Seraphic Gate. You must use your completed game save to get in.

    Contributed by: RebornOmnislash 

  3. Character Artwork

    In the Voice Collection, if you have acquired all of a certain character's voices, pressing Square on that character will bring up artwork for the character.

    Contributed by: Chaos_Sanjuro 

  4. Unlock items by beating the Seraphic Gate multiple times

    Each time you defeat Iseria Queen in the Seraphic Gate, you receive a chest and 1,500,000 exp for your exp orb. Once you defeat her 10 times and receive the Angel Slayer, all successive playthroughs will result in anther Angel Slayer and the orb exp.

    Code Effect
    Beat the Seraphic Gate once. Tri-Emblem
    Beat the Seraphic Gate 9 times (one book each time). Book of Riddles 1-8
    Beat the Seraphic Gate 10+ times. Angel Slayer

    Contributed by: Azn Playah 

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