The Force Unleashed is awesome!

Awesome graphics mixed with great game play and a brilliant plot. It gives everything a star wars fan could want. Using the force to the full and providing a large array of different moves with your saber, there are many combinations the player can perform with both force and melee together.

The story of this is the real heart of the game. Showing off a really good plot set in between the events of Episodes 3 and 4. You, Starkiller, serve lord Vader and must seek out the last of the Jedi and fulfill your destiny to take over the emperor....or so you are told...on the way you'll meet characters that really give the story a large boost.

I give this a 8.5 for its story, sound, graphics and game play. It only looses points due to some parts not quite flowing as well as it could have, as well as its ridiculous loading times.