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What Gamespot Users have to say about Urban Reign

  • User Rating 5.5

    This game has great multiplayer opportunities, but as far as the story goes…

    Rated on September 10, 2008 by Dragoncub

    …there is a lot left to be desired. If you really want to know about the game, the real review will say it all for you. SUMMARY --- Great graphics and responses --- Realistic fighting that doesn...

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  • User Rating 7

    If someone asked i could say it's a good fighting game, but if you said (def jam: fight for NY), i'm sorry, my misstake!

    Rated on October 19, 2005 by lazershady

    good fighting game, good fighting style, i liked it alot at the first few fights, and the story gose like that: fight this 3 guys ..... ok, done, fight the guy (pretty much looks like one of the 3...

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  • User Rating 7

    Great for a rental

    Rated on October 27, 2005 by shinra3

    Urban Reign gets a bad rap. But despite all of the bad things with the game, it can be incredibly fun to play. The fighting engine is genius and very well done. The story, although pointless can get i...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    stressful beatem up

    Rated on March 15, 2006 by jstern21

    ill keep this very brief. this is a great game to play with friends, but not so fun when playing single player. it gets fun for a while in single player but when you get stuck at a hard boss it ...

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  • User Rating 6.8

    A pure fighting game with good animation. An adrenalin pumper without much more to offer.

    Rated on October 30, 2005 by yossimitsu

    Urban Reign is a pure fighting game without much else to offer except the thrill of the fight. The Animation is clean and the movements are fluent and very nice to watch, but there is hardly any sto...

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  • User Rating 9.7

    PS2 classic IMO

    Rated on November 28, 2006 by onamae

    I bought this game for 5 dollars at Toys-R-Us on black Friday. I thought it would be just something I would play the first level then toss into my collection. Boy was I wrong, it's just a damn fun g...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9.3


    Rated on November 04, 2005 by Kniuksas

    Whell i like this game becose no other console have a game like this :) This game dont have any "block" ability but it have "evasion" from the hits... it have some pluses and minuses it is a cool gam...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    Cool Game

    Rated on October 09, 2007 by brandwein

    This game I picked up of under $ 20.00. I just started to play it this afternoon and I find it challanging and fun. The graphics are better than some of the street fighting games I have played. Thi...

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  • User Rating 9.2

    This game is so fun i could put down the control

    Rated on March 25, 2006 by Clarky3

    When you pick up the control for this game you can't put it down believe me i' had it for months now and i still playing on it. This game is made the makers of tekken and sol-caliber if you like th...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9.7


    Rated on December 07, 2006 by smoke666

    Alright I've read through most of the reviews on this game and no one has touched on the wrestling aspect this game brings in. One of the key and best features of this game is the tag team moves that...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.