despite a few quarks it is amazing

I have only two big complaints 1 the navy battles are plagued with path finding issues (but that might just be me having problems with the wind direction) and 2 the reduction of the amount of regions. because I really wasn't expecting much from navy battles the latter is the worst. For example in the other total war games France was many regions (I think about 6-10 in medieval 2) in this one it is only one which sucks majorly if your the French some one captures your capital and all of your land and your out. as far as the navy battles go they made me feel like I was in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie :). the land battles made me feel like I was in the movie The Patriot. In battles the AI is amazing it has set ambushes to kill off my men. It has used its weaker men as bait to lure me into a battle going up hill waring out my men. It has used flanking movies/ rear attacks. simply put it is the best AI I have ever seen in any rts game. as far as the navy battle path finding issues go it doesn't make it impossible to win but it doesn't happen all the time so it is more annoying than anything else. But don't get me wrong the game is extremely fun and I highly recommend it I just hope the first patch fixes the path finding issues of the navy battles.