Urban Assault Cheats For PC

  1. Jump into Enemy Host Station

    As you are dying, press F6 repeatedly and you'll jump into your enemy's host station.

    Contributed by: shoecream 

  2. Debug mode

    Open your Urban Assault directory, and go to the SAVE folder, then the folder where your username is (like SDU7). Open ''user.txt'', and search for ''levelstatus 99''. Change the ''status = 1'' to ''status = 2''. Save your changes and start up the game.

    Load the game file where you changed the user.txt, and you'll see a DEBUG level in level at the top left corner of the screen. Play and beat this level, and after that you'll have all buildings and all Resistance units for every other level.

    Contributed by: shoecream 

  3. Fast energy recharge.

    Open the user.txt in the Microsoft Games\Urban Assault\save\"name"\ directory substituting the username in the game for "name."
    On the eleventh line down there will be a line that looks like the following:
    maxreloadconst = 2000

    This equals the amount of energy you recharge over a period of 20 seconds. This value can be changed at will.

    For instance, if you changed it to be:
    maxreloadconst = 4000
    you would then gain 40 energy every 20 seconds or 2 energy a second if all energy reservs are open. If you only have one open you could gain 40*3 every 20 seconds or 6 energy a second. This can be set to any number but numbers higher than 10000000 cause it to start glitching up and sometimes draining energy from you. You can't even spend 10,000,000 energy in 20 seconds so don't worry about setting it higher.

    Contributed by: kirbyroks 

  4. Massive Energy Reserves

    Open the user.txt in the Microsoft Games\\Urban Assault\\save\\\"name\"\\ directory substituting the username in the game for \"name.\"
    On the tenth line down there will be a line that looks like the following:
    maxroboenergy = 20000

    Change the other value to equal whatever you want and add two zeroes onto the end. for example:

    maxroboenergy = 20000
    sets your max energy to 200 and
    maxroboenergy = 500000
    sets your max energy to 5,000.

    You can set your max energy up into the high millions. Be warned, if you set it to an extremely high number such as 500+ Million it will cause your energy to rapidly drain, killing you. You can counter this in game by locking your life energy.

    Contributed by: kirbyroks 

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